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Urgent Prayer Request!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,
We have an urgent prayer request that needs attention now.
We have just invited a young teen girl to move in with us after being evicted from her apartment across the way because of an abusive boyfriend that is now in jail for her asault.
After going to the apartment manager to arrange payment of her rent, we told the manager that she had moved in with us. She told us that she could not stay with us because there would be one to many people in the apartment, and that we would have to move if she was going to stay.
We need you to stand with us as we seek the Lord for a new place to live and for the funds to do it with. We only have a month to do it in. There is no way that we are going to put this young woman on the street with nowhere to go and no means to care for herself at this point in time. The first and last months rent on any home plus the deposits can really put a squeeze on your pocketbook when you need to give it all at one time.
I know however, that the Lord can and will provide for this situation in plenty of time and with the necessary fund to do it with.
Thank you for standing with us in this time of need. God bless you all for your support.
In Christ,
P.S. I just found out today that the young man (23) and his uncle (40+) was running a prositution ring for young women like Amanda, and that he was putting them in hotels and locking them in so that they could not leave until they had done said services and he was paid for them. Although we have contacted the vice police about all of this, we found out today that they have already let him out of jail ! We are trying our best to try and provide a safe haven for her till she can get back on her feet. Pray also for the safety of our family because they have not completed their investigation as yet and he is on the loose. The Lord is our rock and our high tower, a very present help in time of trouble. We are confidant that his protection will keep us safe until this difficult time has past by.
Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. It is very much appreciated and received with a grateful heart.
In Christ,
Barbi and Family
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I will pray for you Barbi don't worry about a thing! GOD makes all things good and will see you through this
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Jesus is Lord!


I will pray for you and your houseguest. (Be careful, the boyfriend situation does not sound good.)

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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May the protection and peace of our Heavenly Father secure you all in this time of need, and may He always keep you in his hands. What a wonderful thing you have done Barb taking in a lost soul. May she found the true Joy in this life. Through our Beautiful Lord and Saviour..

Keep up the good work
i will gladly pray for you and your guest.

i will trust in the Lord to lead you by the straight paths and to grant you both shelter.

God bless you all

Knight1...God will surely honor what you are doing. What may seem like an aggravation may very well be God's Hand of protection. If you guys are able to stay where you are, chances are the boyfriend would figure it out & create trouble.

I will pray a hedge of protection around you, your family & your household & that God will post His mighty angels to encamp around about you.
You are doing a wonderful thing for this girl, and along down the road, God will bless you for it, and she will thank you.
There aren't many people like you who will do that for someone, and being someone who once needed to be taken in myself in time of need, I was sooo very thankful.
God would not put anything on you that you could not handle. So just hang on, and keep praying, and we will all be praying with you.

God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
Lord, give them wisdom, strength and understanding. Also, let this family come under your curtain of defense in the matter, and let all things be revealed in a certain way that it's tied together with Your Holy Word and testimony for all parties concerned. Let agreement flow, and nothing go unchecked in this matter, amen. Open doors that really need to be opened, and shut the rest forever, amen.
Our heavenly father continue you in his good work, and provide your needs through the riches of Christ. As children of the King, may he stand you up victorious over the evil one. The just shall live by faith. Strengthen them heavenly father in Christ Jesus' great name.