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Urgent prayer request for UK Prime Minister - now in Intensive care - Corona Virus

Please pray for the leaders of our countries and for all on the front line due to the Corona Virus

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, caught the virus, 11 days ago, yesterday he was admitted to hospital for checks.

Latest news tonight is that he is now in intensive care.

His partner is also suffering from mild symptoms, she is also carrying his baby.

Please pray as the spirit guides you, in Jesus Name, Amen

Thank you

Jesus loves you I do too.
Staff Member
May he and his family know the Lord's hand in their life, at this time, and may they always be able to look back, as they look forward.

Bless you ....><>
I read on FB that although he is still in ICU, he is better and was sitting up even.

Thank you for adding the update brother, I was just going to do so myself, Bless you my friend.

It is good news, but he is still in intensive care, he is only on general oxygen level, nothing more advanced. Thank you Lord.

We pray for total healing for him, and a return to work soon, we give God the Glory through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We also pray for his partner, who has mild symptoms and is carry his baby.

We pray also for the government who do appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Lord bless then, guide them, protect them, help the medical and scientific advisors, and may they all make the right decisions at the right time to save human lives.

Lord we pray for the salvation of ALL souls, worldwide, who are suffering from the virus, may they call out to God and repent of all their sins, asking Jesus into their hearts, before it is to late, before they end up put to sleep on a ventilator and may not wake again,

We ask all in Jesus Mighty and most Precious Name. Amen
Heard he was out of ICU now.
Praise the Lord brother, Praise the Lord.

What I think is so clear is from the point of becoming Prime Minister he knows how manage people, he is good at planning even the unknown, he is being blessed.

If he had not structured the cabinet in the way he did before being admitted into hospital then intensive care, everything could have fallen apart. They are all singing off the same hymn sheet, the hymn sheet he gave them from the start.

We continue to lift him and his partner in prayer for 'total healing'
we continue to pray for the UK government, the United State government, world governments, may God guide their hearts in all Truth.
in Jesus Precious Name. Amen.

'Clapping hands' for the NHS,
'Clapping hands' for all front line workers against the virus.
'Clapping hands' for Boris Johnson.

'Clapping hands' for the Lord and Saviour of mankind, who died for the sins of the whole world.
Also, if he'd not been so arrogant to go his own way starting with his plan of 'herd immunity' and if his party's policies had not stripped the health service to the bone, we'd be in a far better position now. With many lives saved.

I'm glad that his health is improving, but have little confidence in him as a person of integrity or as a leader.
UPDATE and Prayers

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been discharged and allowed to leave St Thomas' hospital, he is to spend time at Chequers to rest and regain his strength.

Thank you Lord for hearing all our prayers, it is wonderful news, we are sure he will want to get back to work but must rest. We pray Lord you will truly bless him, we are sure that due to him experiencing what he has, as he said it could have gone either way, he will want to get back and do everything humanly possible to help over come the virus and help the National Heath Service. We thank you Lord, we Praise your Holy Name.

Lord we pray also for all the doctors and nurses worldwide, who are on the front line, bless them, guide them and protect them Lord.

Lord we pray for all them that have the Corona virus, we pray they will cry out to the Father, repenting of their sin, we pray Lord they will accept you as their person saviour and be born again in your most precious Name.

Lord we pray for all who have lost loved one, may they who mourn be comforted, Lord we pray they too will cry out to the Father, through Jesus the son, repent of their sins, accepting you Lord as their personal saviour and being saved, being born again.

We ask in Jesus Mighty and Most Precious Name. Amen

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