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Urgent prayer request for baby Emilio Angel twin baby boy at Dornnebecher Hospital in Portland, OR

Will you pray for me?

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Please Lord Almighty. King of kings. Maker of me and all. I declare that Jesus Christ is my savior. You gave your only begotten for to die in the cross for my sins. You said that if I asked you in the name of Jesus Christ I shall receive it from you as long as I had faith. I vow to you, with all the faith in my soul. In the name of my Lord and only savior Jesus Christ to please touch little Emilio Angel at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland Oregon. Emilio Angel a twin baby boy. His twin brother needs him so that they both walk this world together speak your word and praise your name my Lord. I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ to heal completely Emilio Angel and reunite him with his twin brother. Amen

Emilio Angel prays to you Father in the name of Jesus Christ....
Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ I ask you Father to let me walk with You. Although my steps are small. Stay beside me and hold my hand but never let me fall. Amen
Emilio Angel in the name and power of our Lord Jesus Christ be you healed, may you and your brother go in the name of Jesus step by step into full life and become mighty men of God serving His purpose in your lives asked in Jesus name and for His Glory Amen

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