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Urgent-- please read

URGENCY- Please! A friend of mine who doesn't have a lot of money gave me a gorgeous antique decanter for the holiday and my husband took the lid off and sniffed inside it. I got a strange vibe from this and took it and filled it with peroxide to soak it. Turns out it is COATED with black mold inside!! My husband!! My dear friends, he is the love of my life. This terrifies me. Please pray for him. This has the potential to be horrible.
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This is probably not a cause for concern. Mould is very rarely toxic, and even if it is, it takes exposure for a long time before you'll see any effects. The most likely worst case scenario is itchy eyes and a runny nose for an afternoon.

Pray all is well for you
Some mold is indeed deadly and hard to get rid of. But just one sniff of it shouldnt be any major problem.

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