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Upset in Thought

In a recent thread I posted the hate-crime laungage Act being put together with Childrens Safety Act and how this bill will inprison all who teach on moral bibical teachings inside the church and out of it. I had received some responce stating I'm (D) Democrat; and some stating I will go to jail. But these words upset me, For do they come from the mouths of Christians ?Why do so many sit and do nothing? Why do so many say I will go to jail? Me myself I will not denie Jesus as the Christ! I will lose my head and this worldy life, But my life everlasting I will not give up for anyone ! All this reminds me of when Jesus told the deciples that they will all deny him and even Peter 3 times before the roster crowed.
But God gave His people a voice to stand up for His statutes; precepts; law; judgements; and testimonies. So why do so many people say I am (D) or even (R) even 3 (D) voted for John Roberts, I'm glad they stood up. What good is it to be a voice for God if we do not be a voice? How can we expect our nation to reform to it's original state if we do not use our voice God gave us?Hope is not enough! Faith without works is dead James 2:20 & James 2:26
Let's realy see who will go to jail on teaching moral teachings; for if everyone is in jail who will teach on moral teaching from a bibical point who will teach the lost in the world? So I guess if all the teachers are in jail the world will really fall from what it is now; Because "some" christians will not stand up for Gods' commandments, for if one loves God with all his heart; he will make sure nothingholds the world back from His teachings, even on moral teachings
1 Q) Do you pray for our nation?
Well if so do you allow God to answer your prayer by letting Him use you, and being a voice to stop the evil one in this kingdom? In other words does the Kingdom of God flow in you?
I pray for you all; I pray the Holy Spirit will touch your hearts with love, compassion, and joy,and that you stand up for the will of God and be daily instraments that allows Him ''Our Heavenly Father '' through Christ Jesus in the receiving of knowledge of the Kinswoman '' The Holy Spirit .'' May God bless you all and may your eyes be opened to all Godly wisdom......My heart goes out to you all.... I love ya all so very much There is so much God wants to reveal to us but we must want to receive it ! We must strengthen our relationship in Him
We need to reconize when we are being attact by the enemy and bind him in the name of Salvation in Jesus name In the name of true true and everlasting love.
With Jesus we can not lose but if we stand still many will be lost.
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:shade: :shade: :shade: I am not democrat nor republican.

I'm a JESUSCRAT!:thumbs_up hehehehehehehehehehe!