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Update on Prayer Request-Knight1

Dearest Brothers & Sisters,
First let me say thank you again for your continued prayer for my family and children.
An update on my new daughters problem with the prostitution ring and the police: Well the vice finally called again yesterday after not getting back in touch with us for days and said that they would not be able to protect Amanda if she went on with the police report on those men who did all those awful things to her. The vice were very nasty with us as if they were doing us a favor by trying to capture those bad men who violate young men and women.
So after talking about it we told the vice we would not follow threw with the charges on these men since they would not protect her from harm after those men find out that we have pressed charges.
Also, it seems like we are just getting bombarded with the attacks of the enemy right now. My oldest son Josh, just came back from his weekend with his dad, my ex, and his dad beat him up again while he was drunk!! Boy, when it rains it pours! We have been praying for the Lord to open up his eyes so that he can see his need for the Lord. But this has been going on for a long time and it needs to stop. So we are now praying for the Lord to remove his dad permanently or until he comes to know the Lord. It's kinda funny, when I went to court with his dad about a year and a half ago, I told the judge how Andy( Joshua's Dad) drank and beat the kids, the Judges response to this was, that issue is not relevant and if I did not let Josh go for his visitation that they would put Me in jail!!! I left that courtroom shocked and numb. I know that the Lord is in control, that alone is my only comfort.
Between the sodomy of my children, my ex drinking and beating my kids, older men trying to have sex with my teen agers, needing to find a new place to live in less than 20 days, needless to say it has been a very full year!!!
The Lord has told me that we were chosen out of the furnace of affliction to serve him. That was told to me many years ago. But I also know that like Joseph, Moses, and other people of the bible, restoration came along with the Lords vindication and all things were made new and restored.
It is on these promises that we say our prayers to the Lord. We are standing on IIChron. 20-
...Behold, I say, how they reward us, to come to cast us out of thy possession, which thou hast given us to inherit. O our God, wilt thou not judge them?for we have no might against this great company that has come against us; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee.

I know that these battles are the Lords and that he will fight for us! This will not detir our ministry, our faith. We are stronger in our weakness through Christ our Lord.

Thank you again for all your prayers,
Barbi and Family
Barbi, I will continue praying for you. Is there a local Churcht that can help you? It is best to struggle with Christian family around you to support you.
God Bless.
Oh Honey, my heart breaks for you. I can just see the enemy bearing down on you & taking joy in beating you & your family up. But I can also see God's mightly love pouring out upon you & the enemy cannot stay where the power of that love is. I pray God's sustaining grace, peace, & strength to be with you for the duration of this trial & I pray that a speedy & righteous end will come to it.
The ugliness will be sifted....the evil revealed & removed.....the rainbow will shine - it is there, honest it is.
My ex called today and wants to take Joshua on Thursday out of town with him.
He is an abusive alcoholic, a drunk, and has a violent temper. If he is allowed to take Joshua out of town, how will Joshua be able to get to me if he has too. Last weekend
he beat up my son when he was drunk in front of one of his friends. Since this has been going on for a long time, I have asked the Lord to put a stumbling block up, a standard,
so that Andy won't be able to take him again, ever!! The Lord gave me some scriptures this morning when we had bible study, it was Pslams 9,10,11 & 12. I know that the Lord can thwart Andys plans. I know that it is not the Lords will for my children to continue to be put in situations where there lives are in danger and their well being is challanged time after time. Please stand with me in this.
Thank you,
Staff Member
Your in my prayers God bless you sister.

Be faithful unto the Lord no matter what comes in your path! If you love the Lord you believe Him also.

keep your faith. GOD has something very very very special for you coming soon...remember this!
O Lord, be on my side against those who are judging me; be at war with those who make war against me.
Be a breastplate to me, and give me your help.
Take up your spear and keep back my attackers; say to my soul, I am your salvation.
Let them be overcome and put to shame who make attempts to take my soul; let those who would do me damage be turned back and made foolish.
Let them be like dust from the grain before the wind;
let the angel of the Lord send them in flight. Let their way be dark and full of danger;
let them be troubled by the angel of the Lord.
For without cause they have put a net ready for me secretly, in which to take my soul.
Let destruction come on them without their knowledge; let them be taken themselves in their secret nets, falling into the same destruction.
And my soul will have joy in the Lord; it will be glad in his salvation.
All my bones will say, Lord, who is like you? The saviour of the poor man from the hands of the strong, of him who is poor and in need from him who takes his goods.
False witnesses got up: they put questions to me about crimes of which I had no knowledge.
They gave me back evil for good, troubling my soul.
But as for me, when they were ill I put on the clothing of sorrow: I went without food and was sad, and my prayer came back again to my heart.
My behaviour was as if it had been my friend or my brother: I was bent low in grief like one whose mother is dead.
But they took pleasure in my trouble, and came together, yes, low persons came together against me without my knowledge; they never came to an end of wounding me.
Like men of deceit they put me to shame; the voice of their wrath was loud against me.
Lord, how long will you be looking on? take my soul from their destruction, my life from the lions.
I will give you praise in the great meeting; I will give you honour among a strong people.
Do not let my haters be glad over me falsely; let not those who are against me without cause make sport of me.
For they do not say words of peace; in their deceit they are designing evil things against the quiet ones in the land.
Their mouths were open wide against me, and they said, Aha, aha, our eyes have seen it.
You have seen this, O Lord; be not unmoved: O Lord, be not far from me.
Be awake, O Lord, be moved to take up my cause, my God and my Lord.
Be my judge, O Lord my God, in your righteousness; do not let them be glad over me.
Let them not say in their hearts, So we will have it: let them not say, We have put an end to him.
Let all those who take pleasure in my troubles be shamed and come to nothing: let those who are lifted up against me be covered with shame and have no honour.
Let those who are on my side give cries of joy; let them ever say, The Lord be praised, for he has pleasure in the peace of his servant.
And my tongue will be talking of your righteousness and of your praise all the day. Psalm 35
Glory to God! :love: