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Upcoming Video Game Lets You Play as a School Shooter

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Blunder_Duck, May 24, 2018.

  1. Stupid move on their part indeed. Probably an easy publicity stunt too.
  2. One could justify the game if one plays the role of, as so quaintly stated, neutralizing a shooter. Be honest: it's stopping terrorism. Regardless, morals in society are subjective and whom we choose as the bad guy is also subjective. Munitions, like cancer, does not discriminate. A first person shooter game is about killing someone. I agree playing World of Tanks, Call Of Duty, or Doom, is much different than playing a shooter in a kindergarten. We can justify neutralizing a Taliban squad as they are the enemy. How does a five-year-old regardless of ethnic or political background become the enemy?
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  3. I don't think this game will stop terrorism. I think it will inspire it in schools.
    Kids that resort to mass murder due to high angst or revenge for bullying aren't going to be sated by a vicarious opportunity to kill 3D characters. Though first person shooter games do help gamers hone their hand eye coordination. And so much so that even branches in the U.S military have incorporated video games into their recruitment methods. And training regimen.
    Which says a lot about the acuity of a first person gamer who's played something like Grand Theft Auto for years and hours on end a day.
    Parents do as much as they can to raise good kids. However, too often members of our society blame a parent or the parents of a real school shooter for not being vigilant enough.
    They can only do so much. A kid that wants to kill people really badly is going to find a way to kill people. And it will all end badly. Usually with the shooter dead by police gunfire or suicide of the shooter.

    The last shooter that made news just last week said he intended to commit suicide at the end of it all. But then he chickened out.
    Think about what that's saying. He didn't chicken out killing all those classmates. But he did pulling the trigger on himself?

    And this is the latest, Notice all the school shooters are male?

    ABC NEWS Indiana middle schooler returns to class with 2 guns, shoots peer, teacher: 'I was thinking, it's not real'
    May 25, 2018, 4:25 PM ET
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    Had a discussion on what happened in the Texas school, and one man who by the way was there so he could provide me the paperwork for getting a concealed weapons permit. Said, that the politicians needed to do something!

    I said a corrupt society would not be able to fix it. I held the Cross that I wear around my neck in my hand and said being a man of faith, what they need is God.

    You have nothing in these children's lives to guide them in the way they should go. Not at home, and surely not at school. What they do have, is plenty of communication that shows them that this is the way others have resolved the issues they may have, and add the single person shooters that are the norm for online/home entertainment gaming. Guess what? You have children in crisis situations in their lives whether perceived or real turning to violence as an outlet. Where does one go when they don't have hope? To what they know best. Which is not God, but something else contrived by the world as entertainment that provides them no hope and so the sense of having no choice when things get bad but to take action as a way of getting back at (fill in the blank) is left to them. They mentioned laws, but when you have State Governments, Parents, etc. who don't follow the laws, for the reason (fill in the blank) what are they learning?

    Sorry....I'm off my soap box........not yet!!!!!!!!

    It just sometimes gets to me. Gosh they just need our Lord and Savior in their lives!!!! The children need to be told about our Jesus!!!! Yet, the very society that is supposed to help protect them, refuses to give them what will!!!! What did Jesus tell the Scribes.....But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in [yourselves], neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. ... Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. ... Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier [matters] of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone. Matthew 23:13,15,23

    Are our educators, political leaders, parents, etc. any better than the Scribes and Pharisees? As much as I'd like to say they are. In truth the blindness is all encompassing. So, I hold on to Jesus and pray!

    Now I'm off my soap box.....oh....Thanks sister for sharing the link. Really! The need to be aware of these things, allows for at least some push back and hopefully greater effort in our walk and how we touch those around us!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  5. I think by the time someone decides to commit mass murder on innocent unarmed kids, the idea of God has never crossed their mind. In my opinion when such a shooter commences with their mass executions, it is those in their sights that need God.
    And in Texas, being their gun laws are quite unique given the Castle Doctrine and their carry laws, a fully loaded clip in a 9mm wielded by someone proficient at the trigger wouldn't hurt either. Drop the terrorist and then pray he doesn't have backup.
    I have no compassion for the coward that thinks to open up on children because they're just mad and want to take their evil out on unarmed innocent kids . Let that mass murderer find God in prison, or the Devil when he's later judged and goes to Hell.

    I save my compassion and prayers for those who deserve it. By the time a psycho decides to target innocents, they've made their choice. God's right there and still that shooter keeps on until they stop of their own accord.
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  6. "Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?" - line from The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is not Texas the only state in the Union which remains its own republic?

    On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman gained notoriety by becoming the Texas Tower Sniper. His first two victims were his mother and his wife. His first target from the clock tower was a pregnant lady whose unborn child died instantly. Ya can't get more helpless than that. Adam Lanza killed his mother before embarking on his spree. A compassion of sorts?

    Somewhere along the way, the thinking processes become distorted and the desire to hurt someone becomes predominant. I agree that those are about to be victimized by such people need the love of God. Those who do such deeds need it even more although as you have mentioned, they have already closed their mind to it. Are we not commanded to pray for our enemies? Did anyone ever think to pray for Saddam Hussein? If not, why not?

    I recall watching a documentary on Gary Ridgway. The scene was victim impact statements. Needless to say, he definitely heard their wrath. Remarkably, he behaved as if expecting it and remained unemotional. One bearded gentleman whose daughter was one of his victims, said the Good Book says we are to forgive others. He told Ridgway, "And, you Sir, are forgiven". Ridgway was immediately moved to tears, but quickly reverted back to his previous composure.

    I do not disagree that those who do such things will be held accountable in the next life. What God decides on the matter is His choice. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel. If one does not, does one have the right to complain when life goes south? I am not taking you or anyone to task, just expressing a concept.
  7. When I still listened to secular music, Gordon Lightfoot was one of my favorites! LOL
    Sorry for the interruption.
  8. Texas was a Republic until 1845 when it was annexed into the United States. The United States of America is both a Constitutional Republic and a Constitutional Democracy.

    If justice for mass murder, being that is the topic under discussion, were left to God, every American Christian or no could say daily, God help us!
    God's justice comes after life, or some would say during life when people find themselves mired in troubles. However, man's justice is installed to bring those who commit crimes to stand accountable. Before man and before God. Even as an atheist. God and his word were key in the founding of this nation even when we are not a Theocracy.

    Forgiveness is not concession. One can forgive those who trespass against them. It does not mean they concede what the trespasser did was not wrong, or did not wrong them.
    I have a God Daughter in public school. I can assure you, if she were threatened and I was there, the threat would meet a strong resistance. I have no problem neutralizing that which would victimize an unarmed child. Even if I do not have a relationship like that of Godmother with them. There are some people that ask to be removed from this life. Pedophiles are one. And mass murderers of children are another.
    I am not that Christian that is meek and espouse pacifism. I am a Christian made in the image and likeness of the Father that in the old testament did not turn the other cheek when wronged. Or when his people were threatened or harmed.

    And I make no apologies for the fact I believe in self defense and the defense of others.
    Prison is hell on earth. That's a great place for a mass murderer or a terrorist to spend the rest of their miserable life. However, if they're caught in the act of killing innocents, sending them straight to stand in line for their place in Hell saves tax payer dollars! And I'm all about the savings. :) And make no apologies for that either.
    I'd rather pray for the healing of those that were saved by an armed civilian or professional, than pray the armed devil that put them in the hospital or morgue doesn't get out of prison. Or isn't found not guilty by a jury who heard evidence that was the result of the pre-trial they were unaware of.
  9. Good morning Blunder Duck;

    Regarding Texas, I guess an American documentary has it wrong. Thank you for the clarification.

    I didn't come here to debate whether Christians have the God-given right to send sinners to Hell. I get defending others from oppression. I get accountability, but I leave that to a Judge whose appointment is to uphold the Law.
  10. In Texas there is such a thing as what is called, the Castle Doctrine. It permits someone to defend life and home, or even the home of another, using lethal force.
    Likely this law was passed, as was the carry laws in Texas, due to the enormous influx of illegals and cartel into the state.

    Just days after the CD was passed into law a 911 call from a Texas homeowner made the news. Broadcast TV and radio. This gentleman had been asked to watch over his next door neighbors house while that family was on vacation. The obliging neighbor telephoned 911 when he saw two Hispanic men break into the home through the front windows. This was daylight hours mind you.
    He told the operator to send police quickly because if these men left the home with the neighbors property he was going to shoot. The 911 operator was more concerned with that then dispatching police immediately. As he's listening to the operator counsel him not to act , the man informs her that the two men are now coming out of the windows with the neighbors TV and other items. He drops the phone.
    In the background the 911 recording system recorded him screaming at the burglars to stop. Put the stuff down and get on the ground. They apparently refused and tried to leave. He shot them both dead.

    After that was done, an undercover detective announces himself to the homeowner. Gun drawn, he had been sitting in his car directly across from the neighbor who's house was broken into the whole time. He saw the two Hispanic men break into the windows in the front of the house. And he saw them coming out with his property. He sat in the car and did nothing.

    Until, the neighbor homeowner killed these two men.
    That homeowner was arrested.
    And later released. Why? Because the Texas Castle Doctrine had gone into effect the day before.
    I personally think the Castle Doctrine should be law in all 50 states.
    I've been vandalized at my property multiple times, a back part of the property where unoccupied office trailers are set up. The first time I called our state police a person in a uniform driving a state police car showed up. He could care less! He witnessed the damage, the broken triple pained windows. The giant quarry rock that the vandals had carried half an acre from the drainage pond at a housing community that abuts my land, that had been hefted through the front full pane glass door to land at the back wall. All of it. Even the holes in the walls.

    What's this state cop tell me? I needed to board up those broken windows! That way , if the vandals returned and climbed back through those triple pane windows they first broke out and cut themselves, and went to the hospital for stitches, I wouldn't have to worry about paying the hospital bill.

    Yes, he actually said that.
    These were vandals that were so stupid they left a foot print on the back steel door where they'd tried to kick it in. A steel door with hinges on the outside! But they weren't nearly as pathetic an example of poor intellect as was the person in the state police car wearing a uniform was. And who told me, "there's nothing we can do!"
    Each and every time those trailers were broken into that's the statement each and every person wearing a state police uniform spewed. Which to me is not so bad really. It demonstrates they're not opposed to informing a property owner they're unfit to be called police because they're lazy and they're cowards.
    It also informs the property owner, because I have networked with others who suffer vandalism on their own lands and they get the same depraved indifference remarks from people who are wearing state police uniforms, that the rule of law does not apply in our case. That's great! Because that means vigilante justice is the law of this land.
    Then that first cop and each one after informed me that I should lock my doors of my house and be on alert. Because the level of vandalism escalation on my land appears to be moving from the back of the property to the front where my home is.
    :D That's OK, I told those uniformed people. When that happens and they break into my home I'll be calling you to bring body bags so that you can scrape what's left of that vandal scum off my hardwood floors.

    When deputized law enforcement don't care, it is up to us to care to survive violent vandals. I have every intention of doing so. I don't need permission. All I need is a straight shot and clear sight on center mass and I promise you I will commit a public service in saving my neighbors and fellow citizens from being victimized by any number of vandals stupid enough to try me.

    Is that of God? Someone once asked me when I told them what's happening in this state and the depraved indifference law enforcement shows to the working class.
    YES! I said! God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for its sins. He sent his Hebrew armies to slaughter men, women, children, and even cut the unborn out of the womb of mothers who were members of tribes he wanted destroyed. God drowned every living thing on the planet, including pregnant women, which demonstrates contrary to the pro-life bunch that God is not pro-life, because of the sins the worlds people committed. And he saved but 8 people to repopulate the world choosing a drunkard who was sexed by his daughters, to be that patriarchal leader for those new sinner generations to come.

    YES! Self defense and dropping a vandal that breaks in on my family is of God. Even when it is far less violent than his example, it is still self defense. I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.If someone breaks into a house they show they have no respect for their own life. How would anyone think such a one would respect theirs once they've gained entry through violent means?
  11. Good morning Blunder Duck;

    I certainly understand your anger and do not blame you for it. Those who uphold the Law can make bizarre decisions. Two stories come to mind. One involved a burgler who had to subsist a week on near empty pop cans and dog food in a garage. He sued and was awarded a settlement of half a million dollars. Another was of a case in Toronto in which a woman was repeatedly raped by a gang of recent immigrants. The female Judge declared that they had not been here long enough to understand the Law. She publicly lamented later about where was her head during the sentencing.

    I work for a company whose respect for the rules of others is based on "How much will it cost if I get caught and they make an issue of it?". Have a great day.
  12. That judges lament meant nothing when justice was not served. And she is directly responsible for all assaults and rapes that those defendants will commit in her country in future because she failed to act to stop them, by law, when she had the power and the chance.
    There are so many reports of abuses of power. On the bench and in the DA's office, and certainly by police.

    And I hope you're looking to work for a different company.
    Unfortunately, that's how it goes in many big corporate interests. Well, we see it now unfolding in Hollywood. The "Me Too" movement? How many decades has that wicked world destroyed innocent children and abused women and men who thought they had to suffer in order to be rich, famous, and a working actor?

    Money is not the root of all evil. Love for money above all else is the root of evil.

    God Bless You.

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