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This is just a rather simple poem i wrote not that long ago and would like to share it..

One day just like any other i dragged myself out of bed.
At 15, i did'nt want to 'cause school time lay ahead.
The day went by slowly but finally time to go home.
Not in the door 2 secs and wow, there's the phone.

"Do you want to know Jesus?" .. what kind of question was that?
"No," I replied, "i don't", then in front of the t.v i sat.
This became a regular thing but then a week went past.
No mention of church,nor of God. Finally,i thought, at last.

After that i started to think, there must be something im missin'
I had this urge, somehow to pray. But i choose not to listen.
Years went by, did all sorts of things. Got involved in things that were wrong.
But then i reached the age of 20. I didn't feel as strong.

All alone, had never known love. Nor peace, nor compassion.. Nor God.
I knew right then what i had to do. I now knew Jesus wasn't a fraud.
I was overwhelmed by the power of love, compassion, mercy and strength.
Never before had i felt like this. If only i'd listened to my friend.

My whole life has turned around. I have been forgiven for my sins.
For God is love and much much more. In the ends we all know who wins.

This is a very quick and short look at when i found the lord. He just waited patiently for me to ask him to come into my life. May god bless each and every one of you guys.

Nice poem, real nice and deep :thumbs_up

Simply brilliant.

Keep up the good writing, keep them coming!
Your poem was beautiful.... I'm sure alot of us can relate to it.... I know I can. Have a blessed day.