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I promised you I'd never fall from grace,
I was where I wanted to be.
But sin and sadness, guilt and shame
have stripped my sight away from me.

It's dark, and I'm scared, so I'm crying,
You know how much I hate to cry.
I weep not because of my mistakes,
but the secrets I keep locked inside.

When I think I can stand,
they knock me back down.
When I'm fighting to keep my head above water,
they tug at my feet and I drown.

I'm sick of being stuck in the past,
I need You by my side.
You're all I want and all I need;
The Way, The Truth & The Life.

Iv'e never shared my writings with anyone before, so feel free to tell me what you think...
I think it is great . Allot of feeling and allot of truth from inside . Keep writing . BROTHER
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