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O, how I love to live in the splendor of your love

To dance to the rhythm of your voice

O, how I live to nurture your spirit

To show you that you are the definition of worth

In your world I've found myself

Praying that you see my submission

In your world I want to remain

Experiencing you in the fullness ordained

All the things you are to me

Amount to more than I've ever known

All the things you've seen in me

Are more than I've ever shown

I lay me down to pick up you

To be one is my desire

I lay me down in selflessness

To be one that sustains

I love your life

You must know the truth

I love you for my life

You must know it is not relative

For I cannot claim a lie

What the heart speaks is intertwined with the spirit

For I will not speak of things untrue

My heart only speaks of God, love and you

BY: [email protected]
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Wow that is beautiful darling dee. Great to read. Very easy to read as well. Well done.

God bless
LLJ :love: :rainbow: :rose:
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