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Untitled/or "Life"

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So, I sometimes write. It can be songs, short stories, poems, whatever. I love to write.
Here is a little song/poem. I just get little parts in my head until I have to write it down. I know it's really amateur, but I love to do it anyways.
I write usually about my life and what not. I write about my feelings and thoughts. It's all to God. So here it goes:

Your love is like the ocean in a million different ways.
And the satisfaction is that your love is always.

When I look behind me and see skeletons of old.
You take my hand and promise me streets of gold.

I no longer feel ashamed
Your love has changed me.
I no longer need to chase
My past life is behind me.

As I look toward the Son, I see a brighter tomorrow.
And as I smile within, I look deep inside and know...

It's your grace that gave me freedom
It's your love that gave me light.
It's your mercy that redeemed me.
And it's your Son that gave me life.

So, there you have it.
God Bless!
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