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Staff Member
Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions. Proverbs 18:2 NLT

Spend time on social media and you'll encounter posts stating that the opinion they express is not open to discussion. People have been defriended for suggesting there's another perspective to consider.

This isn't a judgment against those who have a narrow conversational acceptance on social media. But it's a potent illustration of what it's like to carry on a conversation with someone without ever hearing and understanding what they're saying.

It's hard for someone to trust you with their opinions or share their life's toughest moments when you only seem to be waiting for a moment to share what's on your mind--even when it has nothing to do with what they've been talking to you about. That's selfish conversation. You can be sure that if you refuse to really listen, the other person will either stop talking or will cease attempting to share anything meaningful with you in the future.

Not everyone can be trusted with knowing what you're going through. Can you be trusted with the words they share with you?

Prayer: Dear God, help me to discover the compassion needed to really listen when people share things that are important to them. Lead me to those who can be trusted with my thoughts and concerns. Even when I don't agree, may my ability to listen prove a good reflection of Your love for mankind.