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Unsaved Spouse?

Can you relate:-Living with an unchristian spouse?
Is there any of you can relate to this thread at all I would very much love to hear your stories or am I the only one living this life?
I have 2 sons at home, 20yrs and 26yrs, one is separated from his wife although they see much of each other as they have 2 sons, 7yrs and 3months old, they just can't seem to live together, the other one is single, then there's my husband who as I've said earlier drinks smokes and uses bad language, he has been under conviction twice since I have become a Christain but then it went no further, he has been to church with me a few times but gets the 'guilt' trip and doesn't like that so he rarely goes.
I find it's not easy, I'm by no means tempted to live his life as I once did, no way, but I would love so much for him to know about our Lord, but I know it will only happen in the Lord's time and not mine.
Anyone relate?

I too can relate to your 'divorce' story through my son as
I have said, although neither of them are saved
I'm saddened to hear your's Strypes, and your quotes from
the Bible are correctly so, my husband has said he wants
to go to Sunday morning service with me, praise God, he has
been these past 2 Sundays and is going this Sunday also
I hope the Lord speaks to him through the scriptures he hears
there, my part is too keep on praying for him and seeking
the Lord's annointing for it to pass.
3RD Sunday in a row, Hallilujah!! he's hearing the word
and I'm prayingThanks for your words of encouragment Strypes.
I know the Devil will be hard at work now trying to hold onto him
but with the Lord on our side we will prevail Amen?
Thanking you much for your prayers, I believe it is our only way forward. Praise God for his answer to them.