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Understanding Sin

Staff Member
Understanding Sin - September 03, 2005

Some people miss the Bible's message. I suspect this is because they have never sincerely attempted to read the Bible, or may be reading with a closed mind and heart.

While the main sentiment of the Bible is a command to worship God and love one another, the Bible repeatedly also tells us to turn away from sin. Perhaps this is why some individuals don't find this message to reform to be a positive and significant one.

Would such individuals feel better if liars, thieves, hatemongers and adulterers were instructed to continue on in their sinful ways, thus hurting others as well as themselves?

It is extremely important that we acknowledge our transgressions, understand how our sins hurt God (and our own lives), and our hearts and minds must be in the right place so that we will have the wisdom, strength and determination to change for the better.

Certainly, we may apologize to God for our past hurts against Him, but the best way to show God our sincere desire to release sin is to CHANGE.

Thankfully, (and I can speak from my own experience), God is a merciful and loving God who is quick to forgive those who seek His grace. Unlike humans who may remind us of our past repented sins, God never does. We are washed clean and purified; new creations through Christ Jesus.

It is easy to mock the Bible and God; things we may not understand. But if we would only put the same amount of time into learning about spiritual matters as we do our involvement in sin, the world would be a much better place.

Contributed by Melanie Schurr

the bible is kool

I agree. i was told about the bible in school but only that it is a christian book and some of how the church in england was built. we never got told the words in the bible like the stories and how people need to live with each other.
if more kids get told this i think it would be minted to live in this world!

They should have a huge time to teach the bible in school i think. I have read the whole new testemont and it is really good to know it.
:shade: I agree, we must acknowledge our sins and fall before are merciful God for forgivness and be prepared to change. Christ gives us the courage to change. Christ annoits us with his healing love and forgivness and he helps us to stand and walk in his glory, truth and love. It is desperatly important to ask God for are forgivness, to acknowledge are transgressions and then we must be prepared to put on the armour of God and move forward, move forwards walking in Christ. Living are life in unity with are saviour and Lord. New creations in Christ. Forgiven and purified by his blessed blood. Like chad said so beautifully, man does not forget, but God does. Once we have fallen before him and asked for his forgivness God purifies us from are past, he heals us and washes us clean in his love and forgivness. We must then have the courage not to be held back by our own misgivings and doubts. Christ are saviour has forgiven us. Let us to walk forward with Christ, concentrating on turning from are old self to the new creations we have become in Christ. Let are actions and are being show are love for Christ, as we strive to pick up are cross, listen to his voice and follow him. :love: :love: