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Understanding Christlikeness on the forums

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Staff Member
Here's a guide so to speak on understanding good servitude, Christlikeness and blessing to others (aka LIGHT unto others) on Talk Jesus Forums:

1. Pray first
2. Do not participate in gossip
3. Do not participate in arguments. If there are disagreements, simply reply with Scripture and humblessness. Without humbleness there is strife in place of it.
4. Scripture Scripture Scripture. Its not about "well I believe this". Its about what GOD, our Lord has already spoken through the Bible.
5. Show apprecation for each other and the site itself. All glory to Jesus Christ no matter what.
6. Do not question why someone was banned. This is not your business but between GOD, myself and the banned person. People do not get banned because of "my view is different than theirs" like SOME people have falsely accused me of doing. Laughter at that.
7. Remember, church is not about church "hopping" but being one tree planted in a single church according to where the Holy Spirit has led you. It is best to be here and grow as a seed or be there and grow as a seed. Talk Jesus forums is an online church generally speaking and all due respect to GOD with all your actions.

"Why do you ban someone Chad":

Broke the rules more than once. It is important in due respect to myself and the moderators on the board that you do not question why someone has been banned. There is a reason and they will be banned for good. The rules are there and apply to everyone without any exceptions. There will always be someone to disagree and yes, un-Christ like response towards myself with an attitude problem. This is sadly normal from such un-appreciative people who roam like sheep in wolves clothings to stir strife and hate between believers like ourselves.

Think about this:

Someone walks into a church (GOD's house on earth) and starts being obnoxious, loud and haughty. The person is sarcastic, gossips and what have you. Do you let this person stay in church and interrupt fellowship between believers who are in the midst of praising, worshiping Jesus Christ while being filled with the presence of GOD? No, you kick them out for their ill manner and disprepect. Same applies to those who do the same on Talk Jesus. We are here to enjoy fellowship and praise GOD. I will not allow peoples' insults against myself, others and above all, against GOD and His miracles to be interrupted whatsoever.

Many have responded harshly against me on Talk Jesus out of stupidity, selfishness, pride, lack of knowledge of the Word, jealousy and plain hate. I am not stirred or shocked by this. That type of junk makes me realize that at least I am not that kind and reminds me of where my heart is - in Christ.

I hope this will clear up some friz and fuzz from some of the members. As Talk Jesus grows into higher member base each day, it becomes more common but yet, will be kept under control for sure.

[edited by myself to add note]
Please humble yourself and pray before your actions on Talk Jesus and in life in general. Things you say or do should be in a humble, Christlike manner. There is no time to discuss "your views" "disagree" or such. Life is hort and Jesus will return very soon. Do you want to waste time arguing because your pride has disagreements? I don't have pride but I have time for praising GOD and blessing His name and others in HIS name, right here on Talk Jesus.
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Chad I would like to say something on your guide of posting

Scripture is about " What I believe" Not one person on this planet living or dead.. except the Apostiles who wrote the bible.. are authoritative on scripture.. Sometimes it just boils done to this.. This Is what I believe the scriptures are saying..

There are so many doctrinal issues in our faith.. Sometimes the only thing we can bring to the table is that is what I believe the scripture is saying.. each oposing views with scripture to back up claims.. with nothing more then who each interprets it.

What messages can you track? are private messages private or can you read them? or is it you track posted messages between people to see if they are behaving in a unchrist like manner?

In love

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Staff Member

Greetings. Thank you for your private message. To set this straight, no I do not have to reply to every person's request to find out why a person was banned or not. Its extremely easy for you to assume and ask but when its me receiving tons of emails and pm's each day its not.

Second, you disagreed about my response to another member. Thats none of your business to pm me about it and correct me in such a way. It is strictly between me and the other brother in Christ to discuss our matters without you being nosy about it.

Finally, please do not gossip about me and call me "overly harsh" to other members. That served no glory to GOD whatsoever. If you disagree with someone, that is normal but to gossip is hate and GOD hates when people gossip.
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TheDrew said:
It sounds to me like no one is allowed to have an opinion here? :confused:
Dear Drew, my brother,

First, its good to see your name up there! I haven't had a chance to chat with you in Live Chat for awhile!

Of course you can are entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to back it up with scripture because there are many that you are ministering to, Drew, who will draw closer to the Lord for using you.

We are talking about the leaders, or moderators at Talk Jesus that must react to inappropriate conduct. Being a member at Talk Jesus is a privilege, not a right. And when our conduct disrespects the owner or leaders of this website, then appropriate action will be taken at the owner's discretion.

Please read and meditate on "Before We Enter Talk Jesus" from January 8th, Feedback and Suggestions in the Press Stand forum.

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, Now we ask you, brothers, to respect those who work hard among you, who are over you in the Lord, and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.

Elders, or Bishops (referenced as the same in the NT), in the church are responsible for teaching doctrine, administering, disciplining, protecting the flock, praying for the flock, and studying the Word of God. They are answerable to Jesus Christ for their ministry.

At Talk Jesus, Chad acknowledges Jesus Christ as the head at this site. Chad is the one who assigns the moderators here, who are regarded as leaders serving Jesus Christ. Chad is also accountable for the moderators conducting themselves in their behavior, not being perfect, but using prayerful wisdom and setting an example in behavior.

Drew, when we need to address a brother or sister concerning their conduct in Live Chat or a forum, not opinion or reference to scripture, then the moderators - forum leaders, or Chad needs to react and resolve. We are not committed to explain our actions or decisions but only to the brother or sister being addressed, disciplined, or banned.

Praise God for His presence at Talk Jesus, and His protection in Live Chat! How many of us take this serious? Many do! 98% of our members do conduct themselves in a Christ Like manner. Last November 22nd we were at 615 members and today we are at over 2200! Praise God not for the numbers but for the power prayers at this site and for His leading brothers and sisters who seek to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please, scroll down the bottom of the home page and click "forum leaders". Then pray for God's leading. Should you need to address a question or concern, click that moderator's name. We are here to serve you.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
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