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Ok, just want to throw this out there for a different perspective...I am in full time ministry, and I happen to be interested in the son of my head pastor. He lives in a different state, and has gone through a rough divorce. It has been over a year, almost two since the divorce and almost a year longer since the break-up. They were together 3-4 years. I've been attracted for some time, but secretly. A small group of people know. I'm not exactly sure if he knows. Haven't been very bold because of the circumstances. Don't want to make either of us uncomfortable. Part of me wants him to come to me...isn't that the way its supposed to be? Others say he doesn't know that I'm interested, and I should be bolder...but the situation is awkward...remember he is the son of my pastor. I have a friend who says he would be intimidated because of my position...so therefore, I must make the first clear move. His visits are leaving me sad, because I keep waiting...He's the only one I've been interested in since I've been saved. (7 years) I've been praying, but I feel my emotions get in the way of clearly hearing God's voice...Should I give up, and move on...or risk it and put him on the spot...????
victorygirl, you give no indication of the nature of your relationship. Are you already friends? Does he approach you for conversation? If he is someone you are admiring from afar, then approaching him for a friendly conversation would be okay. Telling him of your affection, though, is not advisable, unless you already have some kind of established rapport.

It seems, as long as both of you are single, there is no need for you to give up or make the first move. If it is a God-ordained relationship, Jesus will move to make it happen. My opinion, though perhaps of our Lord also - it seems always a good idea to assume the man should be the initiator, part of beginning with the submissive and quiet spirit men of God value in women.

Keep it in prayer with agreement from a trustworthy friend. One thing, don't give up asking God to work His Spirit into your emotional life. It is difficult to surrender "romantic" emotions enough to have clear spiritual hearing, but you have wisdom enough to know your emotions can be an obstruction. It should make no difference that he is the son of the Pastor, if you and he have enough in common for a bond to grow. Again, if there is not even a friendship yet, and you dwell upon him more than on Jesus, then it probably is a good idea to test reality by starting a conversation.

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