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Um. my testamony

....Janelle Laybolts Testimony.
I was adopted into a Christian home when I was just a baby and became a Christian when I was four years old.
Coming from a Christian home, I was encouraged to love Jesus, I did so , but God was not number one In my life, he was just someone I new, but didn’t fully understand who he really was and all what it meant to be a Christian at the age of 4.
My life with God, and my experiences did not happen until I was older, and my understanding of whom he really was .I new the story on how he died for me, and I would grow to love him, from the help of my mom and dad.
Afterwards, when I was 8 years old, we moved to a different town 7 hours away from Kamsack. From what I thought, I “grew up” in. Therefore, we left Kamsack and started to setal into are new home. My dad, being a police officer, was one of the coolest dads in my class, and being a cops daughter, I was not so cool. I was probably the weirdest kid in my class, or thought out to be, and probably wouldn’t help that I kept pencils in my socks for” safe keeping” . I did not fit in very well with the other kids, and all they really wanted from me is my snacks.
My life was not about God at this point; it was more about being accepted “boys” and trying to be “cool”.
As a turn out, I made some awesome friends, from which are still my friends today.
From the other life, in which I was secretly hidden from, I would go to madge lake bible camp each year, and from that I would get my “spiritual boost” but, as usual, go back to my regular routine.
It wasn’t until till the year of 2004, at camp that my life really opened up to me. I recommitted my life on July 16, 2004.
After that week, I really tried to turn my life around, I really tried to read my bible, and step out for god, but as the other times, life began to get complicated again. My friend began to have troubles with a lot, and I felt I wasn’t there to help, and I really wanted to, but she wasn’t open to me, my brother and I would fight. There wasn’t a time that we would not fight. Most of all, I had got into a relationship over the Internet. I look back on that and im greatfull God led him into my life, I have learnt alot from him.
But What that relationship did, was lead me to, fantasy, led me away from god, into my world with only him and I. Even though he was a Christian. He was my escape out of the real world; he led me out of a time of hurt. As much as I thought I loved him, it wasn’t enough, so I led to a feeling of pain. All that I had inside would be let out, as I thought.
The end of the school year I was more focused on my boyfriend, my friend’s problems, and my family. My life had lead to everything other than God. So I tried to go back to God, I started reading my bible in the hallways, anytime in my free time, and just try and be “a good Christian” but things just seemed to slip past me and get in the number one priority. I tried to do everything on my own human effort.
As usual I went to camp at madge lake bible camp. Before I left, I made a huge decision; I broke up with my boyfriend. I was exited because I was going to see my friend that had some problems, and had walked away from god. I really prayed almost everyday that month, that she may come back to him. As a result, she became a new Christian!
Things began to change then. I met some people at camp that opend my eyes and step out for everything I beleive in.
What I realized is that, that week was more focused on me. God wanted me to feel something, he wanted me to call out to him, to call his name, inwhich I had a hard time doing, and when I was in chapel on the 4th day. I began to get weak, and after I went out side to get some fresh air, and I began to shake, a constant shake, like something had come over me, and indeed, something had. All I had to do was call out “Jesus” as loud as could. The shaking took over my mind, took over my thoughts, what I could not think. After, I called unto his name and, at that instant, my shakes went away. There was power, and is, power in his name. I thank god for that experience, he lead me to people, that helped me out so much. I thank god for that.
After that week, I was hardcore for god, and so was my friend. There have been struggles since camp, there have been many, but I have god on my side, its not about me, its about god, and I do all things for him.
Life will not go the way you want it to, but if you trust in god, you can do all things. My life has not been perfect; my life is still not perfect. With gods help I have gotten through the tougheset battles. From the love of my family, and my hardcore friends, I have been encouraged to go out into the world and do what god has intended me to do.

The lord is my helper, I will not be afraid, what can man do to me? Hebrews 13:6