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um, i need some support and advice please!


I'm really depressed and down at the moment. I've messed up my life so far and now i'm messing up even more. i'm so beind at school that i think i should leave and start again elsewhere next year. i'm actually quite scared cause the thoughts ive had about kiling myself have become more and more real the last few eeks and i've found myself siiting in the library in my free's writingsuicide notes and i spend my time thinking about ways to kill myself. i have self harmed for 2 years now but stopped for about 5 months until about 3 weeks ago when i did it again quite badly. i have also recently found myself waking up in the mornings in agony because i've taken so many paracetamols the night bfore. i do have counselling but i havent told them how i feel. i'm just really stuck at the moment and i need some christian support and prayer. i'd ask someone at my church but as my dad is the minister i dont think i can because he cant find out whats going on again, he was really angry at me for spoiling their 'perfect family' reputation! I just give up!!!
Staff Member
Hello Angel thanks for sharing your feelings with us here at Talk Jesus. I would like to share with you a special person whose name I know you've heard and more likely love. His name is Jesus Christ, the name above all, the GOD Himself - Creator, healer, comforter, source of Love, source of Wisdom, source of Guidance and Mercy. GOD loves you so much, that is why Jesus Christ nailed Himself on the cross for you, so that you may be with Him in heaven forever! :) What problems in the world could top off ETERNITY WITH JESUS CHRIST? Nothing. I don't care how difficult any problems in the world, would you give up eternitiy in Heaven by killing yourself? Life is a blink of an eye in comparison to eternity.

I will pray for you and I hope you will pray constantly. Keep around godly people, pray as much as you can, faithfully as GOD is literally next to you waiting with open arms to hear your cry out to Him in Jesus' name. Everyone here loves you (believe me, that is true) and you found a great place to be online at Talk Jesus Forums :)
Chad couldnt have said it any better littleangel. I will pray for you.... God is ALWAYS there with you and he loves you.
Littleangel, we are here to offer support for you.
One thing I would like to say is that we can indulge our thinking by coming up with the "what if's." ie. when I tell my parents what is going on for me what if they disown me, what if they tell me I am crazy...we start all these types of scenerio's in our heads. They are not healthy, it causes us to fall into a trap help shut by satan. Your parents love you unconditionally, they will do anything to help you. Do not allow the "What if's" control you. No one can help you if you do not tell them how you are feeling.
I will pray for you.
I'm scared! i nearlly hung myself yesterday and now i'm at home on my own and all i can think about is doing it now. i cant do it anymore, why isnt god helping? i've prayed loads but he still wont take these thoughts away!
Little Angel,
I tried posting before, but for some reason I lost it before it went thru...problem on my end. I have just recently gone thru some similiar feelings with intense depression to the point of considering death would be a better option. I was up one minute & as down as possible the next. I told some people about my depression (including on this board) & they prayed for me & with me faithfully. I know ultimately that is what has brought me thru it.

One thing I also did that I want to stress to you to do is seek medical help. I finally did & found that I had several things that were resulting in a chemical imbalance that was worsening if not causing my depression. Please ask your parents to take you to a trusted, Christian doctor. And in the meantime, take care of yourself physically by not eating junk food & not going without meals. Please believe me (I speak as a nurse here) that these things will make depression worse.

Finally, put your praise & worship music on...sleep with it on...fill your mind with the positives.....and keep checking in with us. No, you are not being selfish...you are issuing a cry for help. If you make attempts to help yourself with prayer, asking others to agree with you in prayer & do the other things I have mentioned...you are not being selfish. The darkness you are feeling can be like a thick black blanket that keeps you from breathing....I know....keep taking that breath....God did not create junk & He has His eyes upon you always. He is there...He sent you here where people will pray for & with you.
Nope. No depression allowed for you.

In the name of Jesus, I come against every power and principality that's trying to get in your way, Child of God. Spirits of depression and hopelessness, you will bow to the name of Jesus; I bind you and cast you away from this girl. I stand in agreement with you Lord that she is healed and set free, and that the angels go forth to minister to her every need. Thank you and praise you, Lord.

There you go. You know, I struggled with depression for years and years and years. It's a tool of satan and it ticks me off. Girlfriend, you've got a friend in me (and Him) and I hope and pray that you read this soon - and then start your own warfare. You are HIS and he REALLY loves you - and so do we.
Please do talk to your doctor too - every little bit helps my dear.
God bless you right down to your cute little socks.
hello. thankyou for all your prayers and advice, at last im getting the help i need, but only after i took a big overdose and ended up in hospital! anyway, i've talked to my parents and my teachers and had some counselling. thanx for your help. i am really grateful!
Hi LittleAngel,

I battled with chronic depression throughout my teenage years and struggled with suicide on almost a daily basis for most of them, but now I am almost completely free from it. There can be many aspects to depression: spiritual, physical and emotional.
I have totally beaten the spiritual and emotional sides to it, but the physical side still lets me down a little very occasionally. Please let me explain.

Often depression can be caused by a physical condition - a chemical imbalance which can be controlled through medication. Even herbs like Valerian can help. Lack of sleep and poor diet can also be major contributing factors to depression. Sometimes people are too depressed to even go to the doctor. I'm so glad that you are gettin help now, please keep with it. Be careful though, some medication has side effects. If you have any, let your Doctor know ASAP.

The emotional side of depression is that some (many) of us will go through very distressing and discouraging phases in our lives. If these phases last long enough and we are susceptible we might become depressed. That's what happened to me. My home life as a child was very unhappy and continually tumultuous and I felt totally powerless to do anything about it. Thankfully God has now given me a family where I am fully loved, respected and cared for!!!! And I am now aware of the power that is available to all believers!

When we are emotionally or physically susceptible, we are also spiritually vulnerable. Thankfully, through prayer, God has miraculously delivered me from that ''black cloud" that hung over my life for decades!!!!

Find empathetic, faith-filled people to stand with you in prayer. Have someone you can call when things get a difficult. Feel free to email me.
Avoid things that can trigger depression, like emotional, gloomy music, movies, books, pictures or objects, etc. I would stay clear of fantasy and "spiritual" stuff as well. Only cheerful, beautiful, pure and Christian things in your room.
Read you Bible everyday.
Get medical help when you need it.
And whatever you do NO MORE PARCETAMOL, because you will get over this and you don't want to ruin your liver!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guide your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praisewothy - think about such things...put it into practise and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:6-9

You have a wonderful and blessed life ahead of you if you turn to God and depend on Him.

blessings for you
Angel, please, don't give up, put your trust in Jesus! He will heal you, you just need to pray and ask him, cause prayer is the best cure. I know deppression and I know that it is bad but that is no reason to kill yourself! PLEASE if you need to talk to someone please email me and we can talk, but just don't loose faith.
My email address is : [email protected]

Your sister in Christ, Jesuschick!:)
Well sister all these thoughts come from satan ,Sure you have more than likly did evil .But if you ask the LORD to for give yiou ,HE WILL .killing your self is the worse thing you could do .This is your chance to know the LORD and be a blessing to thiose who feel like you do .Your unhappy because in your spirit .You hate sin .you hate yopur self for being weak .Yet it is not you who is weak ?But your flesh .Everyones flesh is weak .But we hyave been given a way to take control of this flesh .It is walking in our spirit .If your not born of GOD .You need to do that 1st .You repent and then give your all to HIm .Ask HIM to enter your heart .Then you will be happy and feel HIS love with in you .You never need to be unhappy again .You see most people are seaching for love .because we are made to love and be lovedc .We atre not happy until we feel we can love and also be loved .GOD is LOVE .It is HE ,we seach our whole lifes for .Once you get really close to HIm .Nothing on earth can take HIS place .As we are made for HIM .Fall on yiour knees alone and talk with HIM as you would your FATHER or beast friend .BECAUSE HE will be all that and MUCH more if you give HIM a chance .Because you see ?You are the apple of HIS eye .HE watches you and is very sad ,when you hurt your self .I think HE even crys over us .HE LOVES YOU .Take HIM into your HEART And you will know HIM .personally :love:
God bless you sweethart. Listen talk to people at your church so they can pray with you and im gonna be praying for you. God loves you soo much and so does your christain family. I know how it is to feel like god isnt hearing you. But know that he does and i bet hes working right now and waiting to open the door to let you out, dont give up, the devil wants to hurt you or make you hurt yourself because god loves you, and hes got some great things to do with you and do in your life.
Keep pressing on,
Hey LittleAngle
ahm...i hab those thoughts myself the last year alot!!..
I talked to god about it and that helped me alot!!Cause his the only one I thought could understand me!!I still have this thoughts but not as much as i used to have!!I juust hope for you that you manag it somehow!!Talk to god it helps!!!
ill pray for you!!
God Bless you sunset
Littleangel, just take a deep breath, sit in your room alone or where ever, put on a CD, and pray, just worship, even if you arent thinking about anything specific, God is always listening. Suicide is not an option. how ever talking to God is! and beleive me, even when im just depressed and dont even know what is wrong, just worshiping makes it all better some how! ill pray for you!!!!!!!
just un update...

things are getting better! i'm now on medication for the depression which has helped alot!

i'm alot brighter and happier with myself and i have become alot closer to god again!

basically... It's looking up! :)

anyway, thanks for all you're prayer and advice!

god bless you all! :)

sarah! (that's me!)
What can I say but Peace be still Angel in the name of Jesus Christ.You need to say this always when those thoughts haunt you.Don't entertain your thoughts and don't believe your father when he says you're ruining their reputation.You know, I'm very confident of myself not because I'm good enough.Not because I'm doing pretty good and well.Not because I'm 100% obedient to God.No, I'm very confident because I rely on what Jesus Christ did for me there on the cross on Mt. Calvary.That's my confidence.You are valuable to God and you're wanted by God.He loves you very much.He's always there with you.I he's not around and protecting you, I tell you are not here with us posting and writing.But you're here.God has a plan for you.That's why satan wants you dead because God has a plan for you.he will use you for His glory and he wants you to experience His love here on earth.But the thing is, you keep looking in yourself not to Him.Look at the cross angel.he showed you his love and right now i pray in Jesus name that He's embracing you and touching you making you feel His love for you.Only believe.Dwell on the Word of God not those thoughts.Always say God loves me and I'm acceptable in God through Christ Jesus.think and dwell and meditate on these and always speak the Word of God and think of it. Always say God is good and His mercy endures forever.Received again Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.It's a recommittment to him and say that satan has no business wih you for you are now covered by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.SPEAK,BELIEVETHINK,MEDITATE ON THIS.PEACE BE STILL OH MY SOUL, OH MY MIND, OH MY WHOLE BEING, OH MYEMOTIONS IN JESUS NAME. SPEAK THIS AND YOUR SOUL SHALL BE HEALED BECAUSE OF THE WORD OF GOD.God bless you and peace is with us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Praise The Lord!thank God!pls Do The Things I've Suggested To My Letter. God Loves You Vey Much. You Are Beloved Of God. You Are Okay And You're On Your Way. Peace Is With Us.look And Meditate From The Bible About Peace And Fear. God Has Set You Free.you Are Free Indeed. God Bless Us.

I have dealt with deep depression. I know how difficult it is. My prayers will be for you. You are loved chiefly by Jesus, and all of us here.

God bless you,