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Two Sundays!

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Praise God!:note2:

Last Sunday, January 16th, I found a new church! It was the most awesome service that I have ever attended!:star:

During morning service, I rededicated my life and heart to God!

But better than that...

My 10 year old daughter accepted Jesus into her heart!!!:love:

So today, Sunday January 23rd, it has been one week! And on this day, God gave us the best present that I can think of!!!:present:

My 6 year old daughter accepted Jesus into her heart too!!! :love:

Wow, isn't God just so awesome!
What a wonderful Lord we have!

Praise be to the Lord our God, to Him be all the Glory.

That is beautiful and encouraging.

The body of Christ rejoices with you and your family.

Peace be with you,

What a wonderful praise report! I am very happy for you and your family! God is so good isn't He? You have put me in a good mood this morning!!
God Bless You! :love:
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