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Tun's Testimony


1. My Family Background

My Name is Tun Lin and I was born in an animist family from the Laymyo Dai community in 1985. My father was a doctor; a rural GP and was able to earn a reasonable income, however there was no peace in our house without Christ. Later my father started to drink wine and then he became a drunk. In the year 1990, I faced a broken family as my lovely parents divorced. I didn’t know the reason for my parent's divorce. The likely reason is that my mother was not able to bare the problems my father caused in the home nor was she able to suffer the beatings she experienced when he was drunk. I became a fatherless child at the age of five along with my sisters and brother.

2. My Educational Background

God was so gracious to us that He provided a stepfather in 1995 to look after and care for us, even providing the support required for my studies while I was a secondary school. After passing secondary school, my stepfather made it clear that, due to the current family financial situation I should stop any further study. When I heard the words of my stepfather, I wept and fasted for three days because I so much wanted to continue high school. God moved my Uncle’s heart and he agreed to support the remainder of my high school studies and so I completed my matriculation in March 2002.

3. My Dream

During my high school days, my dream was to become a police officer. I asked my Mother for permission to become involved in the police service, but she refused. Instead, she wanted me to study God’s word and to become a full time Christian minister. God answered the prayer of my Mother in 2004 so much so that my dreams and interests totally changed although I initially denied this many times.

4. My Theological Background

In 2004, I decided to go to Bible College to study the Word of God. God opened a door for me to go to Manipur State, India through the help of my mother's church. I strongly believed that I was called to serve the Lord. So I started my journey to Manipur, India by walking on foot, which took eight days due to the lack finances for traveling fares. After entering the Bible College I faced many problems. I had no scholarship, no guardian, little or no support and that I could not speak English, having not been taught English at school. I used to go to Mizoram State, India on vacation to earn some money by producing charcoal, chopping wood and so on which helped pay my college fees and buy my daily needs. In May 2008 God enabled me to complete my Bachelor in Theology course. I returned to my native village and served the Lord as an Assistant Pastor in my mother's church for one year. God opened a way for me once again to study for my Masters in Divinity course in Yangon, Myanmar. I began my studies in July 2009 and completed my course in February 2011.

5. My Assurance of Salvation

My grandfather led me into Christianity when I was a child. Although I was able to live in a good Christian manner through my grandfather's teaching and example, I did not know God for myself. I did not know that I was a sinner before God and needed His forgiveness of sin through the Lord Jesus Christ by accepting and believing in Him. During my working days in the forest, (Mizoram State, India) I began to think that my lack of repentance was the reason bad things were happening to me. I asked God a question “Why me Lord? I came to India to study your word not to earn money?” God spoke to me in a still voice and said, “You are not accepting and believing me as your Lord and Savior and also my time is not yet come and wait on me”. From that moment, I invited Christ to live in me and accepted Him as My Lord and Savior in July 2005. And since then I committed my life to serve Him alone for the remainder of my life.

6. My Vision for God’s Ministry

During the short period of ministry in my home village, I came to know the greatest need of my people (Laymyo Dai) and that was the need for an educational program and children’s home. Places where the children can receive free education and enjoy the knowledge of God the Creator. This is a need especially for orphans, the fatherless and motherless, for the poorest children, who have no help and little hope for the future. I felt several times that God was encouraging me to establish a children’s home and so I started praying in August 2008. Soon after completing my M.Div.’s studies, I considered starting a small ministry called Hope Children’s Home, however God did not open a way for me and I was not able to start the ministry right away.

7. My Family’s Life

God has provided a beautiful and godly woman for my wife and life partner. We were married in 2012 after which we moved to Yangon to start the ministry. Yangon City is a center for Buddhism and so in order to fund the start of the ministry both my wife and I worked at a local factory in Yangon for a year. Now we are blessed with one daughter and one son and we thank God for what He has done!

8. My Ministries

After a period of continued fasting and prayer God opened a door for us in 2013 to be able to start the children’s home ministry. This was a step of faith into what we believed God had called us to do and so currently (as of 2020) there are eight children in the home. These orphan children have lost either one parent or both. The children’s home is funded by God’s grace shown to us by the prayers and help of various Christian friends. I involved in pastoring a very small, newly planted church as we continue to share the message of Christ to spiritually dying people. We also conduct youth camps, outreach and pastoral training from time to time around the country.