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Trust the Lord for Victory

Staff Member
O Israel, trust in the LORD; He [is] their help and their shield. Psalm 115:9

In Psalm 115:1-10, the writer exalts the Lord (vv. 1-13), ridicules idols and idol worshipers (vv. 4-8), and calls on God's people to trust in the Lord (vv. 9-10).

Just for fun, you may want to read Isaiah 44:9-20, where the prophet's all-out satire inoculates God's people against ever turning back to idol-worship. Then again, the psalmist who wrote Psalm 115 does a great job mocking idols and idol worshipers. His closing zinger: "Those who make idols end up like them. So does everyone who trusts them" (v. 8).

In contrast, believers throughout the ages have worshiped the Lord, maker of heaven and earth, who has infinite power to do as He pleases. He alone is God, and that makes Him the ultimate source of life and meaning. And the wonderful thing is, He's your very own Father and delights to call you His son.

You have every reason to hold your head high as a believer. You have put your trust in the Creator of temporal and eternal realities. So…always, always be proud of who you worship!

Prayer: Lord, I am proud to worship You. Please help me to grow ever more thankful for who You are.

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