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True Prison story of Gods Power...

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Letters to prisoners are like hugs and kisses to children. As an exprisoner I prayed earnestly that the Lord would some how send me a genuine female penpal that would be a comfort to me in prison since my momma was with Him and could not write me. One day a man from my hometown moved into the bunk above me, and he received our hometown paper which he allowed me to read when he was through. One time while I read the paper a preculiar thought passed through my mind, I thought would'nt it be neat if I seen a picture of this certian girl I went to grade school with in the paper. This is true and I am not embelishing it. As I thought that, and turned the page there was her picture in the paper with the address of her employment. I still have this picture in my bible. Anyway I tore the picture out and added her to my prayer list. I thought about writing her at her place of employment many times over the next several months but, just didn't do it for some reason. Anyway after church one sunday I went back to my bunk and felt a very strong burden for her and cried out to God for her. In the middle of my prayer I felt very strongly to write her. So I got up and wrote her a one page letter telling her that She may think I am crazy but, I explained to her about how I found her picture in the paper and so forth. I told her how I had lost my mother and ended up in prison, but, God was with me and no matter how lonely we feel at times we are never really alone. I told her how God had been having me pray for her and how urgent it was after church that
Sunday. I told her that for all I knew she knew the Lord and His Love and if she did I rejoiced with her. I closed the letter and mailed it. A week or so later she wrote me back and here is some of what she had to tell me word for word.
I almost hate writing because my words are so meaningless in
comparison to the words from God that you shared with me. I was speachless after reading your letter. I honestly know that God put you in my life for this very moment. I had goosebumps in knowing the steps He took in letting me know how much He loved me. My Mom died on Easter Sunday 2003. (I had told her about how mine died 5 days before Chistmas 2002, I didnt know about her Mother) She continues... I was there at her bed side when she took her last breath. At 32 I felt like an Orphan. Anyways Sunday Aug 29 when you wrote your letter I had seriously thought about suicide. I am so thankful for your faithfulness. So many times God asks us to work or do something we think is crazy and so many times we lose our blessing (or someone ele's blessing) because we don't obey. Your letter is proof that God is at work. I've shared your letter w/many close friends and I may use it as a part of my testimony. I hope you dont mind. I've got my joy back. Through your prayers you've helped God give it back to me. She signed it with GO With God! My momma always signed her letters that way. We became closer friends as we became penpals while I was in prison. God answered my prayer for a genuine female penpal, and, helped both are hurting hearts at the same time. This is just one of many beautiful things our Abba Father did for me while I was in prison.
Go with God!
Your brother
GO With God! Glory to God! That is an awesome testimony Brother! Thank you for sharing!
Staff Member
That's one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. Thank you very much for sharing this. I hope this will open the eyes of many to be "aware" and listen closely to the Holy Spirit when He speaks. Remember, GOD is a myterious GOD and we are nothing but a dust. Don't assume anything, just listen
Vio con Dios amigo! I want you to know I read this. It makes me proud of the power, mercy, and rich grace of my redeemer. God keep you till he returnes.