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This is a prayer request and a praise report rolled all into one.

Me and my wife Karin haven't had a car since last October and we got blessed with a truck yesterday. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

It's a 1991 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat with dual gas tanks a newish engine and a perfect transmission and I love the way it handles (Then again I like the steering to be loose unlike most people.) Very big truck but it's only a 2 wheel drive but hey, it gets us from point a to point b.

One problem, The spark plug wires need replaced, the distributor cap may need replaced the altinator is either going bad or the connections are going bad (it's putting out 12.85 amps instead of 13-14 amps thus zapping my battery.) and the big problem....very bad oil leak. Looks like it may be a bad seal or a bad bed pan or a stripped screw. If it's a seal or screw it's no big deal but a bed pan is expensive (about $60 at a junk yard) and me and my wife are flat broke right now. We're keeping it filled with oil but that's going to get expensive soon. Anyways, just pray that God blesses us with someone who can at least fix the oil problem. The other stuff isn't too bad yet.
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