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Truck driver/Biker joke

A truck driver is very tired and hungry, so he stops at the next rest stop, which has a small diner. He sits down and orders his meal. While he's waiting for his meal, three bikers come in. The first biker says to the others " Let's go bug him." So they sit at the table behind him. They start teasing him, knocking his coffee over, putting more salt on his food when he gets it, just anything they could think of. But, the trucker does nothing, just keeps eating away. When he's done, he pays for his meal, and goes along his merry way. "Wow," said the first biker. " He didn't do anything to fight back. Wow, wonder what's up with him.... must not know how to fight." The waitress speaks up as she's cleaning up the table " And he must not know how to drive either, he just ran over 3 motorcycles out there."

Hehe! Hope y'all enjoyed!
Oh my gawsh! That was sooo funny! I'm gonna tell my daddy about that one, he's a truck driver! hahahahahaha. Can't stop laughing!

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love: