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Troubles with evolution.

If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

But seriously...
Even the simplest known living organism has a respiratory system, a circulatory system, a digestive system,
and nervous system. You have to get oxygen and nourishment to your body. Even if your body is just a few cells in size. These enter your body via the digestive and respiratory systems. The food then gets broken down and sent off to other parts of your body. Its takes energy to do this. How did the first organism get the energy to do this the very first time? What are the odds that four of these systems "evolved" at exactly the same time? If there is no "intelligent design", how did your body know it needed these four system in order to live?

All food is either animal based, or plant based. Both are living organisms. So what did the first living organism eat? (There was no plant life or animal life before they existed). Even photosynthesis requires
nutrients from the soil.

Some of us have heard the analogy of taking apart a pocket watch, and putting all the pieces in a bag.
The argument is.. even if you shook up the bag for trillions of years, you would never get a watch all put together back out of the bag. But for arguments sake, lets say this happened. Ok... who wound up the watch?

Also you require oxygen to live. Plants require carbon dioxide to live.
Where did the first plant get carbon dioxide from? Where did the first "animal" get oxygen from?
Both would have had to "evolve" at the same instant, in the same immediate proximity to each other.
What are the odds of that?

So OK, somehow you "evolved" a digestive system with a stomach and emzymes, and acids to convert
the food down to energy. And also... somehow at exactly the same instant, you "evolved" a heart and a circulatory system to get this food to the rest of your body. And.. also somehow at exactly the same instant, you "evolved" a nervous system to control the muscles to do this (at the very least, your heart muscle).
... And also... all of the had to "evolve" within a few minutes of the first plant "evolving" (by accident no less).
So that your respiratory system (which also "evolved" at exactly the same instant) could supply oxygen to your body. Even breathing and digesting takes energy, so were did you get this energy if you never
digested anything before?

Lets move a little further down this trail...

If there is no intelligent design, and everything happened randomly, how did you body "know" it need
to evolve ears? How did you know there was such a thing as sounds and noises? How did your body know it needed to "evolve" eyes? How did it know there was anything to see? How did it know there was light to see by? Now lets say that somehow.. "it just knew". The simplest eyes known have quite a few parts.
A cornea, a retina, a pupil, a lens, vitreous fluid, optic nerves, carats, etc.... any one of these parts that "evolved" on it's own without all the other parts would be useless without them. So in order for your eye to be useful, all of these parts would have had to "evolve" at the same time. What are the odds of that?
The same for your ears, and other parts of your body.

We haven't even gotten to the brain yet. Without a least a rudimentary brain of some kind, how would
know when you needed to take a breath, to eat something? How would your heart know when to beat?
How would your stomach know when to digest? What happens if there was no food around, and you tried to digest a rock? What happens if there was no oxygen around, and you tried to breathe carbon monoxide?

For sake of discussion, lets say somehow you grew a brain.. (by accident, since everything is random
and there is no intelligent design). How did your brain evolve to start to reason... how did it know there was anything to reason? (like oxygen and food for example). How does your brain know right from wrong?
Good from evil? Without God... who decides what good and evil are?

Finally... why do we have music? Art? Are these things required for us to survive? If not... why did these
things "evolve"?
I used to raise Palomino horses. My wife use to raise blood-marble roses. You learn a lot when you do these things.
For example.. two palominos cannot make a baby palomino. It requires a Palomino and roan pair. If someone wasn't
forcing these two types of horses to mate, they would eventually revert back to being all roans. Nature never moves
"forward" on it's own. But always reverts back to the original species.

Its the same with mules. A male and female mule cannot have a baby mule. It takes a horse and a donkey to make a mule.

It's the same with blood-marble roses, two blood-marble roses cannot make a "baby" marble-rose seed.
If someone stops cross pollinating the two original species, they will always revert back to the original species.
Almost every farmer, and every botanist knows this.

It seems schools and colleges are purposely hiding all of this from everyone. If you think about it.. it takes a lot
more faith to believe in evolution, where all of these things just randomly happened at exactly the same instant,
than it does it to believe in an intelligent creator who knew what it took to create life, and did it Himself.

Two kinds of dogs can have a dog puppy. For example a German shepherd can have a mix puppy.
Two kinds of cats can have cat kitten. For example a tabby and a Siamese and have a mix kitten.
But a dog can never have a cat. A cat can never have a dog. A human can never have a monkey, and a monkey
can never have a human. Evolution does not allow for cross-species. So how did we come from monkeys?

The simplest known living organism has 4 sets of DNA. Humans have 238 sets of DNA. (This happened by random accident?)
This is so complex that even today... scientist are still working to map out the DNA genes.

Finally... if we came from monkeys.. or some other species before that... wouldn't we expect to find the same number
of skeletons from every previous species? How many times would we have had to evolve, before we got from a monkey
to a human? How long would this have taken? 5 million years? That is a lot of generations of evolution.

Now lets say for sake of argument, that there is a cro-magnon man, and he is half-way between a human and a monkey.
Ok fine, where are the skeletons for all of the other species that evolved between the monkey and the cro-magnon.
What about all of the skeletons of the species bewteen the cro-magnon and modern man? There should be millions of these.
Generations and generation of these if evolution took millions and millions of years. Why can't anyone find these skeletons?
What caused the "big bang"?

If I put a rock in a metal box, and no outside force can influence it.
There is no wind, no rain, no heat.. nothing to change that rock.
If I come back in a hundred-trillion years, you know what will be in the box? A rock, the same rock, exactly the same as it
was before I put it in the box. If there was no outside force to influence the creation of the universe... where did it come from?

Also, if it really was a "big bang".. a large explosion of some type, wouldn't you expect the universe to be expanding
outwardly from wherever the center of this explosion was? Yet that's not what we see... we see the universe is expanding
in "all" directions, even opposing directions.

Also ... stars.... what do they burn? They are in effect nuclear reactors, but even nuclear reactors require fuel.
They will eventually run out of fuel. If the universe is trillions and trillions and trillions of years old.
What haven't all the stars burned out yet? Why isn't all the "fuel" in the universe burned up yet?