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Whoever [is] wise will observe these [things], And they will understand the lovingkindness of the LORD. Psalm 107:43

Today's passage, Psalm 107:39-43, reinforces the wisdom of choosing "life" abundant and free instead of "death" and all that implies.

A king or prince can choose "death" and suffer accordingly. His wealth, military power, and fierce reputation will prove useless when the Lord executes judgment. That judgment, of course, often comes at the hands of enemy nations.

Conversely, the neediest person can choose "life" and enjoy peace, security, blessing, and prosperity for many years. The Lord is happy to offer such abundance to those who take Him at His Word and choose His way to life.

This doesn't mean that all disasters or crises are forms of the Lord's judgment. This also doesn't mean that all prosperity comes from God's blessings.

Still, the godly take notice of the difference between choosing "death" and "life," choose the latter, and rejoice. The ungodly choose "death," realize their great error, and wallow in remorse.

The wise man gives heed to the Lord's words of wisdom presented in Psalm 107. May you do the same.

Prayer: Lord, this is a no-brainer. I choose You and Your life. No matter what the world offers, I reject any and all ways that lead to death.

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