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Troubles? Pray! (2 of 5)

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Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, [And] He saved them out of their distresses. Psalm 107:13

Today's crisis in Psalm 107:10-16, takes place to the north of the Promised Land. It's a reminder that God visits death row on a regular basis. Prisoners who have committed unspeakable crimes turn to the Lord to find forgiveness and new life. Outside the prison walls, people react in wonder, resentment, or disbelief that God delights to save such individuals.

King Manassesh knew God's delight firsthand. From his grimy prison cell, he looked back upon years of unspeakable crimes--worshiping the stars and sun in God's temple, shedding the blood of innocent people, sacrificing his own sons to idols. Then he realized his rebellion had brought nothing but pain to him and others, looked up to God, and cried out for help (2 Chronicles 33:1-20).

Humanly speaking, even God's prophets must have thought Manasseh was too far gone. Yet, thanks to God, Manassesh was given another opportunity to reign. He quickly took big, bold steps to prove his repentance was real--tearing down pagan altars, restoring the temple, and worshiping the Lord publicly.

You can't always undo all the damage of your actions. Yet the sins of your past are never so great that God's love and mercy can't forgive you and grant you a new start.

Prayer: Lord, please forgive me! Restore me! Give me another chance, I pray.

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