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Trials Reveal Satan's Influence In A Believer's Mind/Heart

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When believers go through trials and tribulations, it reveals what comes out of the believer's heart through the emotional agitation of their mind. Scripture teaches, out of a man's heart proceeds evil thoughts, adultery, fornication, murder, lusts, cravings, cursing, hatefulness and all evil emotions by way of Satan being allowed to try a believer in their mind (Mat. 15:18). The trial will determine the believer's actions developing in his or her heart. If that believer has faithfully been exercising Godliness and/or studying to show themselves approved unto God, they will maintain their peace in the mist of the trial. If the believer has not been exercising Godliness, the believer will exibit the carnality of the flesh and show themselves to have failed the trail.

When a believer finds themselves getting angered, frustrated, saddened and envious over words - or jealous because of another person's benefits, it is a sign they are not paying attention to the spiritual trial God has allowed to come upon them (1Cor. 10:13). In most cases the believer is looking at the other person, through carnal eyes as the problem and not looking at the evil spiritual influence agitating their mind and causing their focus to be on another man. This is a weapon of deception that Satan uses against man as an emotional fiery dart (Eph. 6:16). This causes the believer to forget we do not fight against flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12). Scripture teaches believers to watch and pray that we do not enter into temptation (Mat. 26:41).

If a believer is watching, they will rebuke the emotional feeling when they first recognize it. If the believer is not watching, the emotional feelings will continue to agitate the believer's mind and the believer, in most cases, will be temporarily overcome by the feeling and taken hold of. At this point the believer will either follow through with whatever the temptation is influencing them to do, or they will start praying in the mist of the trial and muster up the power God has given them to resist the devil (Jam. 4:7).