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Treasures of life(Jesus is coming very soon!)

Do you repent, accept, and submit to the Lord, Our God? Trust in Jesus Christ! Treasures of life!

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Do you know your holy gifts? One of my gifts in which the Lord has given to me?: Discernment
Did you know?: Each time that you pray your soul manifests in Heaven?- While your body stay on the earth?
-That, your Gaurdian angels bring material to use to build the house that The Lord has prepared for you already in Paradise? Each time that you send out a prayer to Him?

(1st Heaven-"outskirts of heaven/2nd Heaven "The Holy City itself")
-That, God's Holy Angels "The Cherubim" put on a fresh garment for you, pure and Holy that is without "blemish"? This is the truth.
-To confess with the mouth that the Lord gave you- To continue to repent & fear the Lord, we then establish our level of holiness but, also the entire perception of your manifestation/mission here on earth becomes 100% apparent for you?

This is true, to be fearful is to be aware - Or, Did you know? -To be present in the Lord is holy within itself?
The more we promise Him yet fail without repentence causes Jesus to bleed much pain through the wounds in which he suffered for us on this earth, as well??
This is so, that the door of shame then opens for our Lord!?
-This is unholy for us! In turn, this causes great sin and causes our garment of holiness to then become impure and with spottage?
-1)Once you confess with all of your heart/soul that Jesus is the Lord
-2) Repent of all of your sins & fear the lord
-3)Submit to the Lord and always keep him present in your mind(I truly know and see him(Jesus Christ) with his mighty right hand on my shoulder!You will then start to gain/feel/acquire MORE of HIS Power/Love to overcome ALL sin! To realize your exact mission/gifts/treasures in which the Lord specifically has promised/personally given to you!

---These are the ways in which the Lord has personally helped me overcome my ways of sin!----
Speak Slow: Focus on your love for The Lord, Our God- Learning the "flow of The Holy Spirit" by speaking slowly while you focus! This will also help you learn love, patience, and humility as you will feel the Holy Spirit among you the more you follow Jesus Christ within your hearts! You must do the 3 steps above in order to be pure enough to communicate!
Some things you need to know:
1) Jesus(the foundation & your rock)
2) Intercesory prayer(your building materials)
3) The Word of the Lord(Learning the Gospel) <--- This is your weapon of righteousness against all those who want to persecute you for loving the Lord, Jesus Christ.
4) Speak Slowly with fear of the LORD's presence, acknowledgement of The Holy Spirit, learning the "flow".... so let the Holy Spirit "flow" through you! You will feel the power of the Holy Spirit within you!.

Examples of a gaurdian angel communicating with you:
1)Slight/medium touches which they will gradually do more of over time(in regards to your faithfulness
2)Through any of your senses. Your ears, your mouth, your sense of smell, your awareness, your sight, etc.
3)Electronics acting weirdly around you(This isn't by chance) This literally is to help you be more aware of them! Amen!!
For it is written, (Proverbs 12:17) "He tells the truth of what he is sure of, but a lying witness speaks deceitfully".