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Treasured Memories

I was doing the average house cleaning this morning , I had just bought some of this cinnamon carpet fresh and the air fresheners like I always do this time of year for the holidays. Fall reminds me of the holidays at my grandmas the smell of cinnamon would fill the whole house from pumpkin pie and other festive foods.
I simply sprinkled the house and vacuumed and plugged in the air fresheners and sat down my mind raced back when I was a child and grandma and I were in the kitchen she had some cinnamon sticks in a jar. She pulled one out and told me to smell.

Oh it smelled so good the sweetness of its aroma was so delightful. She had told me that although the smell was so sweet they didn’t taste nothing like what they smelled. I remember sticking it in my mouth when she turned away and the awful taste it had and the face I made when she turned around and seen what I had done. She laughed and said see I told you Michelle just because it may look and smell good doesn’t always mean that it is .

I thought of the cinnamon toast I ate and asked her about the difference in taste she grinned and said that’s because the taste changed by adding sugar too it .Although even as adults we sometimes seem to choose things in our lives that look right or seems right but it really isn’t as it appears then it’s a mistake. Praise the Lord for his forgiveness for our fleshy mistakes.

I also go to the store and lay out these candies grandpa bought every year as well he would feed me those things till I would get a tummy ache. I loved them so much too manly because he was one of the greatest men I ever known and I admired him so . Those candies are called Andes these little chocolate covered cream dement bars. He and I would sit around for house and talk about any thing him and I were so close .

I was his little ballerina . He was my childhood hero. I never heard that man speak a evil thing about anyone and he was always helping others. There was not a man he knew that Grandpa couldn’t find some good n him. When he passed away it crushed me so bad . I felt I had lost the most important person in my life . Then I found Jesus! Now I know in my heart my Grandfather is with Jesus but not only that Jesus will never leave me . He will always be right there .

Now maybe it sounds silly to you but I do things like the mints and cinnamon because it takes me back to happy times in my childhood even though all my happy times were with my grandparents and not at home to often due to the abuse I went through at home. Those very happy memories helped me to overcome the pain of my past a lot of times . I love the Holidays because of my Grandparents and the seed they sown in my life . The fun we shared .
Raking leaves up with Grandpa and how h

e made a game of it. He would have me laughing so hard I couldn’t even stand up. I would fall down in that pile of leaves and uncontrollably laugh till my sides hurt. One of the things he said was funny to me was we were going to open our own business and call it speedy leave service! And if you are not satisfied we will double your leaves back. Have them come by the dump truck loads to deliver them .

I could picture these trucks coming up and dumping piles and piles of leaves off to complaining customers and they would almost cover the house with them .
So while your around your family this year sit back and think of those special moments that made a impression in your life and softly praise the Lord you have them . But also remember this that seed you had sown in your memory had an impact some where in you so remember your planting seed in your family as well. Children remember the bad but the Good will help over come the worst of any storm they might face! Just wanted to share with you about my special memories
and remember Victory is ours through Jesus!
the end

Written by Michelle Ross
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It was a great story forever, I am glad your shared it with us. I love the fall and I could smell the cinnamon as I was reading it.

God is good, God has sent many a grandparent, to smooth out a rough childhood.

I had a good childhood and my grandmom is now 97. She is one of the most important people in my life. I too will never forget the time spent in her kitchen.

Love your sister in Christ,
Mary :girl: