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Trapped - November 21, 2005

My daughter recently phoned me from Alabama. The note of panic was unmistakable with the first words she spoke. "Mom," she said , "there are two hummingbirds trapped in my entry hall and I can't get them out!"
Two more phone calls transpired, and several hours passed before the little birds were rescued by her husband and released into the environment God intended them to live in. While they were trapped in the house, they flew one way and then another, not making any headway, just flying in circles. They landed on mirrors, plants, door posts, and the chandelier. They were unable to find the escape they were seeking.

We were trapped in sin, until God sent His Son to the rescue. Before we come to know Jesus, we act like those hummers. We may flit here and there, land in one place or another, travel in circles (perhaps the "right" ones) and keep moving. At some point, when we may least expect it, we will find a void in our hearts and we may not even be able to determine what it is. We may seek fulfillment in a variety of avenues, climbing the corporate ladder of success, fame, wealth, material possessions, relationships, or through drinking and drugs.

The void we experience, however, can only be filled by having a personal relationship with Jesus. When we meet this wonderful Savior, our existence will change! Our life's path will have a new and more meaningful direction. We will have a new and wonderful friend, brother and Savior who will never leave us. He has promised this to us in the Bible.

When Jesus releases us out of the stain of sin and into purity before the eyes of God, we, like the little hummingbirds, land in the proper place. It is the very location God intended for us to be- totally in His love and care- thanking Him for every gift He bestows upon us.

Contributed by Marion Smith