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tough subject, SUICIDE

Lactantius (260-330 A.D), a Christian, writing this
sometime between 304-313 A.D. (Ante-Nicene Fathers,
vol 7, p. 89) - If a murderer is guilty because he is
a destroyer of man, he who kills himself is under the
same guilt. For he also kills a man. In fact, this
crime can be considered to be greater, for the
punishment of it belongs to God alone. We did not come
into this life of our own accord. Therefore, we can
withdraw from this habitation of the body ... only by
the command of Him who placed us in this body. We are
to inhabit it until He orders us to depart from it.

Lactantius (Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol 7, p. 183) - It
is a virtue to despise death. Not that we seek death,
or of our own accord inflict it upon ourselves... For
this would be a wicked and ungodly thing.


May none of us have to ever know anyone whom takes that step I pray

Sincerely, Robert- Newlife4ever
WOW Lot's of writing scared me of but i will make an effort to read through it and get back to you properly..

Love simon!!!
Thank You:heart: bella for your poems they are just what i was hoping to get here for this thread.Their are so many people who are lost out there in the world who dont think anyone Loves them and i believe it is our duty as ambassadors for God to give them every chance to know they are loved. God has given us such a gift it is a great injustice to just squander it.

I had a grandfather and a father that both took their own lives. Ican't say that someone who takes their own life is un-saved, however I don't know that my dad ever accepted Christ. this bugs me sometimes, i know that I'll see my Mom there, but there is a good chance I won't see my Dad.

I also thought of suicide a couple times God saved me both times by putting people in the right place, in both cases sending me in the right dirrection. I've tried anti-depressants but have found the best anti-depressant is Jesus. I look forward to seeing Him face to face on His terms not mine. At one point I saw somebody in the mirror. It was me, but I believe I was seeing myself from Gods point of view. A beautiful person, made by God's own hands, in His image and likeness. What I saw there before me was not the lies from years past, but God's truth. I remember all the way back to about third grade, haveing kids make fun of me cause I was new and thinking wasn't good enough. It would be another almost 20 years till I'de realize that I was lying to myself. An incredible amount of guilt came over me when I realized this truth. I've since asked and recieved my forgiveness, but I'm still touched by God's hand on me that day.
This is a very important thread. For someone who doesn't know Jesus, suicide will only speed up their entrance into hell. They think if they just pull that trigger or cut or take all those pills, their pain will be over. On the contrary, their suffering is only beginning. If you know someone who is contemplating suicide, please take them under your wing and love them and show them that their only real hope is in Jesus. "Come to me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest", "Behold Mother, I make all things new."

What a wonderful Savior and Lord,
I disagree that someone who committs suicide is necessary going to hell. Their is only one unforgiveable sin which is not suicide. So why does that mean someone who commits suicide is automatically going to hell?