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Totally Whacked out

I been reading this past year a lot of stuff here at talkJesus and it amazes me the issue's, which are important, that have been touched on.
What I see quite clearly though is noticing that there seems to be a lack of discipleship here. Not from the site itself but the questions asked as if no pastor or headship from the members given locality, where they live are being helped from the pastor or church :(
And this is totally sad to see. I just thought Id share.

Please if this describes your pastor who does not know an answer have him come here and ask Chad or whoever you know is qualified by the Spirit of God.
So what to do.

Many come here looking for things their own church can not supply.
Each member is counted as equal, with many different denominational belief's.

Nobody here has an authoritative say on doctrine. Including the Moderator team. Chad set some guide lines that must be followed. Only truth from the Word of God, not outside material. Jesus is the only way to eternal life, Jesus being the son of God, who shed his blood for our sin.

Inside that can be many different concepts or belief's, that may not coincide with another Pastor's doctrine.

If my Church teaches there are no tongues today, I might come here to find what others have said about it. My Pastor certainly would not, closing off that possibility for a believer.

Members can also come here and see there is way more to God than what their current church is teaching, and God using this to get them in a better place.

Jesus Is Lord.

Is there an opinion of hope on what God says or is God absolute?
a cool question. Not addressing this site though

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