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To the men out there who choose bad women and expect sympathy

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I am talking to the decent but weak men out there who keeps on choosing wrong women but never grow or learn from their experiences. I’m going to give some tough love here so if you don’t like it, leave.

Do I sympathise with you that you got burned by a bad woman? Yes, if it is your first time. It is human to make mistakes in life, I know all about relationship dynamics, patterns and unconscious decisions due to poor childhood experiences. These things can cause you to get attracted to the wrong kind of women. It is not your fault that you were set on that wrong path at a young age and I am not a heartless, cruel taskmaster who will look down on you for that. I myself went through that and I know it’s hard.

But if you are getting burned over and over by the same kind of women, yet does absolutely NOTHING about it, don’t expect me to be compassionate towards you. You are an adult, you had a choice, a choice to turn your life around by digging deep into why you are choosing the same kind of bad women or why you are not able to get out of a bad relationship. I can tell you from personal experience it is not something you need to be stuck on. So what sympathy do you expect to get when you willingly let yourself slide down that dark path, waste years of your life on the wrong person and come out of it a shell of a person?

Grow up, your lazy bums. If you are not working hard on yourself and trying your darn hardest to turn away from making bad choices in your life, you don’t deserve a good woman. Plain and simple.

Truly good and desirable women have worked hard on themselves, they dig deep into life and become better versions of themselves over time. Regardless of their childhood or flaws, they don’t stay stagnant in their lives being complacent about their bad choices and they certainly don’t drag their baggages along expecting the next man to fix them or accept them and their baggages. If you aren’t on that same wavelength and have no intention to change, do them a courtesy and let them get a better man. They don’t deserve scraps from you after you’ve wasted yourselves on the wrong women. If you lose them it’s your fault and no one else’s.
Who are you trying to convince?

I like young, dumb, and hot. Many people from my past are trying to play house as 30 approaches. no dice!

Thanks but no thanks.

At teens, i wanted to date and get a gf to eventually get married. I watched as many ran wild, unprotected sex, high body count #donotwant and random man's kids. OLD bios are full of "proud single moms" and "no **** boys." translation got banged out by ransoms.

As a Christian man, i am forced to sift through the carnage? I am learning to be content. I have learned game. I am Christian but I have a spine. I have self respect and the clock is ticking for us all.

I highly recommend that you aim higher, disclose Christian beliegs from Go, and you can suggest coffee or movie ASAP. If i drop anything of rsvp, I assume she is coming or i next. Repeat till no longer single.
Greetings sister,

The problem surely has to be, who decides what is a good man or a good woman, who decides who is a bad man or bad woman, because if we ask half a dozen to say, I can be pretty sure they will all say different things.

Men meet women, women meet men, it has happened from the beginning, often the question is, where do they meet, in a night club, in a worldly bar?

Then what attract a man and a woman, is it looks, short tight clothing, the way he or she looks, he or she may be popular with the opposite sex, many are attracted for that reason, they want him or her because others have also, they don't think how many no longer want him or her, they want to prove they can get a date also. Or is it sex, or is it money, it all depends where people hang out and who with.

Person A may have a date with person B, they meet again, they seem to get on. Person A likes person B, they have feelings for person B, so when person B plays about they get hurt. The greatest test is can a man and a woman go out together and not have sex, sex outside marriage is sin.

Person A may feel they are a good person, I am pretty sure person B would say the same if asked. Are they not both sinners in God's eyes?

One of the worst things anyone can do, parent or otherwise, is say a person is not right for another. It makes them even more likely to prove you wrong.

There is no magic formula sister, a good man or woman in one persons eyes is the opposite in another persons eyes.

Two saved souls are more likely to go through marriage together than a saved soul and a lost soul. But not always, why? Because the world is the devil's playground. The devil will attack the saved souls to get them away from Jesus, this is why many unmarried couples marry and survive, they live a life os sin, not all for sure, before some may think they may as well do those things, they live in sin, they think they are good people, they think they will go to heaven, but they never come to God, they never come to Jesus, they never read God's Word. The devil has little interest on these people, they are lost and not coming to Jesus. The devil's aim is simple, to stop people coming to Christ and Salvation. He prowls like a hungry lion, just waiting to attack another soul, so often one that is searching God and Jesus, even inside their heart secretly, the devil knows.

Let the dead bury their dead, let the lost souls bury their dead, they live in sin, the wages of death is sin.

A saved soul, who is single and wants a male/female partner, should look to God, and look for a saved soul that is compatible with them, their ways, their beliefs. But brother-paul you may say, there are but few, there are not many born again people to choose from. Give it to God in prayer, have faith believe, if it is God's will for you to marry, he will bring forth a suitable partner.

Proverbs 3:5-7 (NKJV)
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.
7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and depart from evil.

Are you looking for a partner or trusting God to provide one?

Usually, the one God brings forth for you will be nothing like the one you thought was best for you.

Trust in Him, in Faith, with Thanksgiving and Believe.

Bless you
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