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To Pray or not to Pray (This shouldn't be the question)?

Good things sometimes are disguised in uncomfortable situations. I realized that on a mission trip I took this past summer.

Things had been going great so far. Two days into the trip, and already I was having fun. We just got finished eating supper and were headed to the revival. The service went over well, of course being the new christian I was didn't pay attention to everything, then it was alter call. I had been praying for something extra special for the last month or so, so I decided one more time wouldn't hurt. So I go up to the alter, get on my knees, and say, "Lord, I recieve you in the name of Jesus. I recieve the baptism of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus!" I sat there for a while weeping for no reason that I could think of. It just came.

Well my knees started hurting, and my feet were falling asleep, so I got up. As I walk back to the pew, I happened to glance over to see a huge group praying. I wanted to go over there but I didn't. So I just did what most would do, and sat down. I watched them forever not realizing God was telling me to go. I refused the call debating on whether or not to go because I had just got done praying; they would think I was doing it just to be up there. I sat for about ten more minutes then I felt a gentle touch on my back, like a hand. I looked to see who it was and no one was there. It wasn't a trick either. Everyone was at the alter, and there was no one in any other pew behind me. So I told myself, "That was God, you need to pray!"

So I go down there, and lay hands on my B F Megan. All of a sudden this tingling sensation went through my hands like electric! But it didn't hurt. I looked at my hands, and the drew to a point. At this moment I knew my endless prayers had been answered. I was getting touched by God himself! I cried, and the feeling moved from my finger tips all the way down to my toes. I became heavy and I couldn't lift my head any longer, so I gave up. I let the Lord take control, and he filled me with his Sweet Holy Ghost!

I didn't speak in tounges right then, but needless to say I had no voice by the time I left Cincinnati, Ohio.

Like I said before, good things can be disguised in uncomfortable situations, but you just got to take that step of faith, and hope for the best!

Much Love to you guys, hope this inspires anyone to not be afraid or doubt themselves when it comes to praying.

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
Wow!!!!! That is really cool!!! Something like that happend to me last summer on a mission trip also!!! I am so glad that you let God lead you!! He truly is a wonderful God! Thank you for saring that story!!!