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To O'Brien and Back Again, A Sequal

For those of you who don't know, this is a sequal to a post called "In the Mountains of O'Brien Oregon". So if you haven't read it yet, you should stop and go read it so you don't feel lost.

A three hour motorcycle ride, my first ever, and I was back in Medford. The first thing I did was to take a shower and put on Calamine lotion. You remember I was covered from head to toe in poison oak? I even managed to get it on one of my eyeballs! Now that hurts!
After that, I didn't know what to do. I was given a few days at my friend's house to try and figure it out, but after a week I had nowhere to go since I had to leave where I was at. Out of desperation I went to the house of one of Matthew's friends and when I got there, who should be there but none other than Matthew himself. He had come into town to try and find me. We stayed at his friend's, Christina, for a few months, helping her with the housework and helping her neighbor with the children. It was an interesting place to live. It was and old house that had been converted to apartments and the bathroom was a communal one. We would go to one of the downstairs neighbor's house and play games like dominoes and a dice game called 10,000. Since the bathroom was a communal one, you never knew what you would find in there. One time we found a razor blade, another, we found a syringe and a spoon. The building was not a place that you walked aroun barefoot in! Soon enough though, her husband decided that we couldn't stay there, even though Christina wanted us to, and we had to find somewhere else to go.
I was now six months along in my pregnancy and I had no one to turn to. Luckily Matt did. We walked about five miles down the train tracks to his friend, Lois' house. I remember the walk very well. It took us a good 2 hours. I was wearing flip-flops, the only shoes that I had and the tracks were covered with Goat Headed Thistles. If you don't know what Goat Headed Thistles are, you are lucky! They are a round seed pod about the size of the tip of your little finger and they have three very sharp, very painful thorns protruding from them, about a quarter of an inch long. Well, the tracks were covered in some places and My very thin and worn out flip-flops provided no protection from them. After having to sit down and pull the thorns from my feet three or four times, Matt finally started carrying me through the patches.
We reached his friend Lois' house at about 1:00am and she was more than happy to let us stay. That's when it started going downhill for us. Matt hadn't bothered to tell me that Lois did methamphetamines and that he did them too when he was around her. In fact, he never told me at all, I only figured it out years down the road. The good part was that I was finally able to get medical care.
We made a trip to O'Brien when I was almost 7 months along to pick up two of Matt's wolves and my Cheeva. When we got there, we found that his parents had set Cheeva and her mother loose, droped them off a long ways away. I was hurt and angry and Matt was furious. We got his wolves and left.
The ride down was terrible and it was the last time that I was going to be involved in a relationship with Matt.
It was hot, about 95 degrees, and we were in the back seat. Matt had the windows down and because the air was coming in, the wolves hair was flying around and getting in my eyes and up my nose. I tried to clsose my window but he yelled at me to keep it open. I told him that being pregnant was bad enough in that heat without having to suffocate on dog hair as well.
When I had had my ultrasound and found out that I was having a girl, Matt had told me he didn't want her because she wasn't a boy. And now he yelled at me to get an abortion. That was the only time that I had ever told anyone to go to hell and really meant it. I told Melanie to pull the car over, that I was walking. She pulled the car over, but before I could touch the door handle, she told Matt to get out and walk. He did, taking his wolves with him.
Well, when I got back to town, I went to where I had been staying and told Lois what had happened. She let me stay there until my social security from my mom's death came in and I got an apartment of my own. A month later, I turned 18 and recieved the inheritance that my mother had left me. I used it to buy a house and I moved in when my oldest daughter was a week old.
Time moved on and I patched things up with Matt. I never got back together with him, but we tried to be friends. He was there for his daughter's birth, and in fact, brought me McDonald's afterwards.
When Brittney was about 6 months along I decided that I was going to sell my house and move out from the town to the woods. I began looking all over, and one place I looked was O'Brien. I was there for a week looking at all the interesting property that I could. That's when we found the cat sanctuary.
This sanctuary was right outside O'Brien in the limits of Cave Junction and housed eight wild cats. There were two pairs of Cougars, two pairs of Bobcats and two pairs of Siberian Linx. One of the Linx was named Warf, and was actually de-clawed and went in and out of the woman's home. Now if you've never seen a Linx, picture a Bobcat, only as big as a Rotweiler! So while Matt held the baby by the car, his mother and I went into the cages with the owner of the place.
Warf was a very sweet kitty, he really was. He was rubbing back and forth on my legs and I was squatted down petting him. I got to scratch his belly and his back and behind his ears. He licked my hand and it felt like rough sandpaper that could take off skin! As I was petting him Warf reached up his nose and bit my throat. I jerked back, which caused my skin to tear. Warf's owner was so surprised that he did that. She said that the only people that he ever did that to were her and her family, the people he loved. He had never done it to a stranger before. I understood that he didn't mean to hurt me or scare me, and in fact, he wouldn't have broken skin at all except that I jerked away. You try having a 100 pound cat bite your throat unexpectedly and see if you don't flinch! I still have the scar from the gash that went the deepest. I didn't need stitched if that's what you're asking, it wasn't as bad as that, but I did get out of the cage right away.
Well I decided not to buy property in O'Brien and came back to town. I stayed in my house for a while longer, although I wound up losing it for good. I wound up going back to O'Brien one more time and I also stayed friends with Lois until circumstances split us apart. But those times are another story for future writing endeavors.
I hope that you've enjoyed this.