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To my future Husband

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by rizen1, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. To my Darling

    I'm patiently waiting and praying for you. I've decided to look at myself as a precious tea cup. Before I thought of myself as a plastic cup which hurt not only me but God. I didn't care much for my body,even though I fed myself spiritually.

    Until one day he told me, that I must first love myself and have a relationship with him. So over the years he healed my scars, the abuse is behind me, emptiness and depression beneath me.

    He's molding me into " A woman of God ",so that I would compliment you. So I would be faithful to you. I will keep this short, because I don't want to bore you. But God wants me to tell you, to be patient for he's still working on me, and still molding you.

    God bless you.....
    Your future wife.
  2. Hi my dear sister. That is a lovely message indeed. I do hope that your future husband will read it one day, who knows?

    Keep your chin up, keep the faith and remember God loves you more than anything, ever.

    God bless
    Your brother ;)
  3. #3 Cody, Apr 13, 2007
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2007
    Beautiful, Im sure if you keep on following God, he will bless you with a God-fearing husband in the future. I admire your patience also, I believe God smiles upon that. God Bless

    Colossians 1:11
    "Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;"
  4. That's beautiful! I'm glad God shared it with you because now I got to see it and it has opened my eyes...I can't thank you enough, outlook has changed. I gotta start taking care of my self and my relationship with God first...
    Thanks and God bless:rainbow: :girl_hug:
  5. Rizen1, you have brought happy tears to my eyes.

    God has already chosen your husband. Just because you don't know who it is yet, doesn't mean God doesn't know. He knows everything.

    What a beautiful letter, and from your heart. What sweet strength you show, and quiet trust in Him.

    He is also getting your husband ready for you.
  6. waiting on God for the soulmate

    hi i want to encourage all of us about waitin on God... its said that when he created your ONE he had you in mind so that you two will in one way or another click in each others life, if you rely on him only and not in your wisdom. sooner or later when the time is right he will create a means for you two to meet. actually it could appear as a coincidence but God knows better. it actually happpened to me and i have nothing but fear, love and reverence for God. actually me and this Girl joke and say that we are in a movie whose script was designed by God. its just too good to believe and sometime later i thought why God kept her away from me for that long and i must admit, my world would have come to a standtill if she came to my life earlier coz sooner you feel like your wrld is just about her, and you cant stay a day without hearing from her, actually you feel like taking the next bus. so my advice is just take your time and wait on him, he has known you all your life and he knows your desires.

    God bless.
  7. patience is something we lack and we can assume God's will for our lives. Seek God's will and be content whatsoever happens whatever situation you are in.

    Dont focus on meeting someone but focus on God to meet that need :).
    God bless
  8. God bless you xxxx

    I pray for love and happiness for you always.

  9. Rizen 1, what a beautiful letter to the man you are waiting for, and to God as well! He is smiling down on you!!!
    And listen to your tender words. Rest assured that you will not be a bore to your future husband. Please don't let that feeling continue.
    God bless you, beautiful lady! :love:
  10. That's a lovely letter!!
  11. Thanks to everyone, who replied.

    This letter means alot to me.
    God bless
  12. very nice rizen i have nearly 30 poems written for my future soulmate;)
  13. I would encourage everyone to keep a journal or write letters. It's good medicine.

    I write to God sometimes.
  14. ........... very nice...

  15. Hey, are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?


    God bless you both,

  16. lol...What are you thinking ?

  17. Nothing...........................just, nothing..................................................:whistle-animated:
  18. :huh:........I thought
  19. BTW

    You have very cute dimples there :cute: on your avitar.

    ..and while I'm at it, let me help speed the process along for ya..... here..


    That aught a help :p ..................he'll be along any time now :D
  20. Runs to the front door, patiently waiting.

    :bored: any minute now..

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