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To my Daddy


Hi Daddy

It,s me, your child again.

Just want to say thank you for all the things You have done for me.

thanks for all the things You have given me.

Daddy as I sit here in my chair and watching the sunset,

I think of You, I just wonder how it all happened to be.

The birds swiftly and gracefully flying in the sky,

the fishes and creatures in the sea,

the flowers and trees friendly waving hello to me it the mid morning breeze,

the ducks, geese and swans elegantly floating in the pond.

The lions, the tigers and cheetahs, fast and ferocious,

then the cuddly kitten purring in my lap and the puppy playing outside.

The soft morning rain on my window pane,

the sun’s raise baking softly down,

the breeze blowing through my hair,

the river gently flowing over the rocks,

the sea that roars and yet also can be so calm,

Daddy all those things You created just for me,

to enjoy, to appreciate, to care and to love.

As I am staring out of my window with my gaze upon the sunset,

I realise how much You must have loved me to create all of those to the minuscule detail in which they are formed.

Thank you Abba Daddy.

Please give me a heart to appreciated it all and to stop taking it all for granted.

Each beautiful flower, each animal big and small, the creatures in the sea,

all created by You with love just for me.

With Love

Your child