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To Learn All The Lessons The Lord Is Trying To Teach Yo

To Learn All The Lessons The Lord Is Trying To Teach You, You Need To Pray & Ask Him About Them!

You can go all through your life & miss so many of the things the Lord is trying to teach you! Some things are so obvious you don't really have to ask the Lord. But many things aren't so obvious, & you can miss the point if you don't ask Him, or if you don't open your eyes to it or if you don't take it as from the Lord!

It's so sad, because so many little things happen all the time that the Lord wants to use to teach you & to speak to you through, but if you don't look at it as a message from the Lord, then it just passes, & you don't get it, you don't learn from it & it's wasted! What could have been a lesson & what the Lord wants to be a lesson for you, may not be a lesson if you don't take the time to ask the Lord, "What are You trying to show me?"

But if you take time to think about it & pray & ask the Lord, He'll show you. The answer is there all the time, if you'll just open your eyes to it & ask for it! But by the same token if you don't ask, a lot of times you don't receive! "Ask & ye shall receive!" (Mat.7:7) So seek the Lord!--Amen?

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