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To God Is The Mercy But To Man Is The Work?

I believe that this saying that to God comes the mercy or pity but to us man is to work or the work.I think this is wrong.Yes, mercycomes from God but if we say we have faith in God and in His Word, therefore, we act on that faith and its basis is the Word of God.That's why I can now say that if we act, yield on what we believe, what the Word of God says, It is faith with action therefore it is alive.But if what we believe the Word of God and act or not yield to it, our faith is dead.That's why it is written in the Book of James that Faith without action is dead.Example, When God says you're healed by the stripes of Jesus, and believe. You will act healed even if you feel something is wrong with you for you believe and yield to the Word of God.That's faith with action, therefore it's Alive.when you pray and it says in Jer.33;3 that God will answe you and show you great and mighty things you don't know about, and yet it does not arrive yet, and you're happy bec. you believe the Word that God has already answered you, that's faith with action.But if you continue to worry, it means you don't believe and yield the Word of God, therefore your faith that don't have action, it's dead. God bless us. Peace is with us.