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To go back to work or not?

Discussion in 'Parents & Couples' started by mere5, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. My youngest will be going to Kindergarten in a year and a half (My other 2 will be in 3rd & 4th) and I am on the fence on whether I should work or not?! Some moms say your kids need you more than ever when they are in school and some say go back to work. I am a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician and to work with some clients you can have some crazy hours to fit their schedules. I also don't want to send them to a daycare when they are out for the summer and breaks at school. My husband ofcourse is completely spoiled rotten by me being home waiting on him hand a foot but he also would like to have extra spending money. Are there any stay at home moms out there that went back to work or did you just keep staying home? What worked better for your children?
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  2. I'm not a parent, but I personally believe these two things are indeed important:

    1. Your kids need you to be there
    2. Homeschooling is pretty common among Christian households. Maybe something to consider as an option?

    If you do work though during school years, perhaps you can squeeze in part time work as a free lancer only during those hours your kids are at school?
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  3. Ha! Home school is definitely out of question. I graduated high school by a straight miracle and am not the smartest woman. My poor children would learn absolutely nothing from me except some really cute hairstyles and skin care! lol I really want to stay home but my husband wants me to work. It's still a while away. Hopefully he will see it my way when it comes time.
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  4. I can assure you by His promised Word all things are possible. My own life and career is one proof that He can start at zero and build you up. Literally! Trust Him :)
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  5. Are there any good part time options you know of, or anything you can do as a self-employed cosmetologist. I got my 500 Hour certification in Massage therapy a long time ago (I don't practice now though), and a lot of the cosmetologists, estheticians, and massage therapists I know, and come across, will work out of their own home or use a friends business on the side or something. I think the sky is the limit on how one can go about doing something, we don't always have to fit the mold perfectly it seems.
  6. Thanks Chad! :)
    Travis I would love to work from home. We are HOPEFULLY putting our house up for sale this summer and looking for a house with a basement that I can work out of if my husband says it's ok. He's not too keen on clients coming in our home. We shall see...
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  7. I absolutely love being a stay at home mom. It makes me physically sick to leave my babies (except maybe some date nights with my hubby which they stay with one of our moms). God has provided for us this far and has our best interest. I have faith He will continue and anything else extra my husband wants is unnecessary any ways! ;)
    Thanks for all the encouragement! :)
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