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To Christians Around The World:

To Christians Around The World:
You may or may not know me, but I am writing you to
ask you a very huge favor. Please begin to pray for my
daughter as the month of October begins. On October
31, please pray on that day for her the most. Some
people will think that I am making a mountain out of a
molehill as I write everyone this letter, but I do not
care. Only I know all of the problems that have been
associated with my daughter, Halloween, and myself. If
you are truly a Christian, then you should have no
problem praying for her anyway. She will be four years
old on October 31st and she has not been prayed over
from a lot of the spiritual garbage that I have found
in my generational history. Even if she has, I have
not seen it, and I am still asking you to please pray
for her. This is not a joke. I am extremely serious
about this. I am the one who usually prays over her as
she sleeps right beside me, especially on that day,
but this year, she will not be with me, and I must
admit that I am a little scared for her. I ask that
you please take me seriously and pray for her with a
deep earnest prayer. For what, you may ask? I believe
that those who are truly supposed to pray for her, God
will give them the answer of what to pray for her
about. Thank you for listening to my plea, and God
No problem with the requset for prayer, however small problem with the amount of posts of the very same thing, we all can read.
Hallowe'en can be a problem, especially given its modern associations, which evolve from the pagan celtic feast of Samhain. However, it needn't be a problem for a Christian, considering its history. "Hallowe'en" is a corruption of the phrase "All Hallows' Evening", or in other words, the evening before All Saints' Day, which is celebrated by the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches among others. Now, one needn't honour saints to celebrate All Hallows' Evening (or Day, for that matter). I certainly don't. A Saint, in my eyes, is any person who believes or believed in God and was saved by the grace of His son, Jesus Christ. And hallowe'en is a time when a believer can thank God for making her\him a saint.

I'll keep your daughter in my prayers, Ruby. If your Daughter wants to go out Trick-Or-Treating, then that's fine, there's nothing unchristian about people giving sweets to Children. However don't, whatEVER you do, let her dress up as a Witch or a Monster or anything else like that (not saying that you were going to let her, just saying it just in case).

God bless you Ruby, and your daughter too. =)
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