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time to pull together

I see the changes we are going through these days compared to the way things were when I was a child growing up .
Before I was saved I didn’t think about what these changes signified, but now that I walk with the Lord I see more of the picture there is so much controversy on the second coming of Christ, but one question we need to keep asking our selves are we really ready for the day when he comes to take us to meet our creator have we done all he asked of us have we fallowed his word diligently have we obeyed his commands have we loved each other in unity like we are to be have we truly forgiven those who have hurt us .
We need to ask our selves this have I pleased the Father to the best we know how too all we can do is strive to perfection because we will never be perfect until the day we all our in unity with the father in heaven . We will have battles of the flesh till the very day he returns for his people but you know what he will help us with the battles he will guide us through he will keep temptation from us only if we strive to please him completely in every area of our life .
Remember we are just vessels that holy spirit works through
When you see a brother and sister in Christ hurting do you try to aid them some how ? Yes, we do but the real question is those who we know are lost do we try to aid them and show them the same love we show each other or do we turn our heads because they don’t quite fit in . We have to stand now as one in unity with the whole body we don’t know when Jesus is coming but I will say this think of all those who are lost think of them and what they will face so take time to get out and minister make time for the lost in prayer and in fellowship witness to them for we are called to witness and to be salt to everyone . Just some personal feelings GOD BLESS YOU ALL!