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Time to Grow

Staff Member
Time to Grow - November 28, 2005

We don't see our older grandsons as frequently as we did when they were younger. After a month or two of separation, I find myself saying the very thing I hated as a child: "My, my, look how you've grown! Of course they grow; all things do; but growth does require time.

A child is born; it takes years to arrive to adulthood from infancy. Small seeds are planted; they take time to grow into their mature state. An idea is formed in the mind of a person; once again, time is required to cycle an idea into a concrete reality. All things grow in a variety of stages and at various speeds. This is true also when it comes to spiritual growth. After the seed of God's love is implanted in our hearts, we must allow time, and plenty of it, for the growth process. This time must not be idle, however. We need to nurture this seed of love by spending time with the Lord in prayer, worship and praise. We should keep this seed well-fed with the Holy Word of God. We need to develop friendships with other believers, because they will help us grow. Just as we grow physically and emotionally at different rates, we must never expect all believers to grow at the same rate.

I believe God calls His children to maintain a balance in other areas of their lives as they grow spiritually. God has given us a bodes to care for. It is our responsibility not to abuse, ignore or overfeed them. The same is true with our emotional or mental states- gifts from God, intended to be cared for.
I am thankful that God planted His seed of love in my heart so long ago. Many years were wasted in slow spiritual growth. Despite that, He was patient and loving with me. Oh, that I would extend this patient attitude to all new believers and to those just taking baby steps in their faith walks. I need to remember that it is my responsibility to love and pray for them, and to accept them wherever they are in their spiritual growth. I believe the same is true for us all.

Contributed by Marion Smith