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Through the Eyes of Jesus

Last Sunday, a group of Chinese believers invited our Church to attend a prayer gathering "Love and Care for the Philippines". I am so touched and blessed with their initiative to serve our country in their prayers and other means to support the victims of Haiyan despite of the current conflict going on between the government Hong Kong and Philippines due to the killing of some Chinese Tourist three years ago in Manila. This is because of what is known as a political attack few months after the inauguration of our present president with the purpose to show his incompetency as newly elected president . Seeking justice in behalf of those murdered Chinese people in a hostage tragedy in Manila, the Hong Kong Government banned OFW 's coming to Hong Kong and gave our government one month negotiation deadline.. But the tragedy happened in Central Visayas Philippines, the one month deadline was understandably requiring more time to handle the hostage incident and so our government could focus on resolving the awful current condition of the country specifically in Visayas regiond. The Hong Kong government through World Vision Hong Kong and Hong Kong Red Cross even extended help and donation to the survivors of the said tragedy. As one of the organizers said during the prayer gathering, "at this moment, they should think and see the Philippines through the Eyes of Jesus and set aside their hatred and resentments against our government so they could be a channel of God's love, compassion, peace, healing and restoration to our nation." Amen . Praise the Lord for His awesome work in all the earth.

To those whom the Lord would touch to keep upholding our country in their prayers especially on behalf of the victims, please do pray for the following. This is from the handbook the Chinese community of believers gave us during the last prayer gathering.

1. For the Super Typhoon disaster in the Philippines, may the Lord bestow grace and mercy.

2. In these helpless days, may the Lord personally reveal He's all-knowing, all-powerful nature and zeal.

3. In these times of suffering, may the Lord reveal His grace and love, that people's hearts will once again have hope.

4. In these times of tears, may the Lord reveal His help to mankind, bringing them to a safe and secure place. May His love go forth, His grace walk alongside, His salvation manifested for He is good, His love endures forever. Amen

5. In those areas in the Philippines devastated by the storm, may the Lord begin His saving work and healing. May the Lord command all epidemic outbreaks to cease, for aid to timely arrive, and relief efforts to quickly begin.

6. May the Lord bless all the relief workers with wisdom and counsel to restore the sanitary system in the disaster areas, safeguarding drinking water from contamination, and lessening the chance of an epidemic outbreak. May there be enough clean water, food, sanitary facilities and shelter.

7. May the Lord bless the victims as well as the relief workers with robust health so that they may be protected from illnesses such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera, intestinal and respiratory infections delivering them from viral attack. May the Lord bless them with rest and moments of tranquility after an exhausting day. Enable them to recover both spiritually and physically, to have a strong physique and a strong mind, that will enable them to continue in this difficult rescue work.

8. Through the churches, relief organizations and volunteers, may the Lord's love be brought to heal the grieving hearts of the victims. Amen and amen.

Lord teach us to pray..
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And to pray BELIEVING!!!!! YES!!! This may sound a bit harsh to some people,but the battle we as believers are in is most real! The ability to SEE as Jesus sees,and pray as long as we need to,so that we in prayer can get to the same mindset as our Jesus is in. THIS!!!! is prayer! ( psalms 25:5) FOR YOU!!!! I wait all the day! The key to answered prayer at least for me brothers and sisters is self control in waiting!( Isaiah 40:28-31!!) When i was a child and asked my dad for a candy bar,I waited for him to respond back to me. I stood right where I was at when I asked, and did not move,even if he did move,until he answered me!

He would sometimes ask me why I am not following him,and I would say dad I expect an answer before I follow.LOL At times he then would say no, because I did not move,later on in childhood he understood why I did not move. I am waiting for my answer before moving. And I will not be moved until I get my answer! Period! I ask a question for a purpose,i will not be ignored by anyone! After becoming a believer, Jesus knew my heart,and my mindset when I would ask him a question! And he tested me greatly in this. At first, like so many i would only wait a short period of time, until I learned through Holy Spirit to wait as long as it takes to receive that answer!

Hence why the scripture from Isaiah! I was greatly rewarded by the Lord when i learned what he wished to teach me about waiting.When Jesus prayed he always got results,are we his children any different??( 1 john 4:17 says we are not to be different! " AS HE IS!!! SO ARE WE in this world! period! If we believe this, our action follows that belief! I made a hundred excuses,with no results,and when I ran out of those excuses, i always received results! The Lord is bound by his own word,( psalm 138:2)and he cannot lie!( mark 6:5-6!) belief matters! Yes many are at this point in there belief!( mark 9:23-24) because of the mans unbelief notice what Jesus told his disciples verse 29 this kind cannot come out by anything but prayer.( YOUR PRAYER!) YOUR OWN belief in Prayer!

A great example of this is talked about in ( mark 5:35-40) also recorded in Luke 8:starting in verse 50) In mark 5 look at verse 37! why did he allow no one else, do you suppose? Unbelief of course! verse 40 he puts out those who do not believe! The result!! verse 41-43 and notice something!!The parents in luke are amazed,the fact is they should not have been lol For we know in Luke 1:37 that nothing is impossible for God! So when a miracle or healing occurs why are so many amazed? Why would you believe without expectation? But we know many do,and for a while Jesus will put up with this,he sure did me! But Jesus expects us to mature!( 1 cor 14:20) Prayer always brings results! ALWAYS!! The question is not whether we are heard,but rather in waiting for the answer! This consider! Few of us enjoy waiting for anything!! LOL Even fewer see results from not waiting! This i sure learned the hard way,please don't you!