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Through Example

Staff Member
Through Example - October 22, 2005

We worry so much about how pretty our forms are, whether we are wearing the right makeup and fashionable clothes. We also are concerned about how tight our abs are, and how good we look from behind.

Wanting to be fit and healthy is well and fine, but many of us make the mistake of being more concerned about how others see our physical entities rather than giving careful consideration to what type of example our words and actions may reveal to those around us.

A model may have stunningly good looks, but when dealing with people she may be self-centered and thoughtless.

The man in the three-piece business suit who seems externally well-polished may also be cheating on his wife and neglecting his children. So too, the seemingly sweet mother-in-law may have a sharp and vulgar tongue behind closed doors.

Yes, people are watching, but not just at how our external facades appear. They also witness the true contents of our character. Just because someone has not brought your attention to a character flaw, does not mean such weaknesses do not exist. Even when you think no one is around, God is ever-present and all-knowing, and there is no fooling the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Today, won't you ponder making the change from unrighteousness to righteousness? God is watching and waiting for you.

Contributed by Melanie Schurr

so true chad this made me think even about my thoughts and how in the end its not the good looks or the slim body the Lord is interested in but what is in the heart. God is waiting for you......yes for you and me thats beautiful and comforting that our Lord is awaiting us awaiting me...Thankyou
thats really soooooooooo true....im the kinda person who really looks at other people and looks if what they are wearing fits all together and stuff like that ....so yeah i try and look i dont know mybe perfect...nah cant say that but close to that!!.....
but yeah thanks for sharing!!!

god bless