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Three short contributions

gave it some pondering,
and I gave it some thought,
And I finally decided,
to keep this poem short.

By me, when I should have been studying

Once there was a peanut, and his future was quite grim;
for his coach in golfing said he'd make a putter out of him!

So our little peanut friend, his shape upon the line,
sliced a passing loaf of bread, and framed his coach for the crime.

Also by me, Written during a sermon on Hebrews.


Trusting is a scary thing,
to close your eyes and make a leap,
trusting in a promise made,
and hoping that a promise Keeps

Hoping is a wonderous thing,
It stirs the heart, and spurs the soul,
on towards that lovely thing,
that has become our highest goal

But what is trust without great hope,
placed in a promise against our fall?
And trustless hope spurs no-one's soul,
and isn't really hope at all.

Love is better than both of these,
it stays throughout, over long years.
love stays love through faltered trust,
through shamefull, bloody and hopeless tears

And Jesus loved us while still rebels
and gave us grace in hopeless days
so we can have great hope in trusting his love,
and him keeping near us in all of lifes' Maze


( Took me ages to work out, but "Streetvulopho" is an anagram of the words 'Trust hope love')

Hope this is encouraging!

Was I giving the sermon on Hebrews Bro, cause if so you are so busted for not paying enough attention.

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