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Three miners

There were some job openings at the local mine. So three friends decided to go apply for a job. They were waiting nervously outside the office before being interviewed when the secretary called one of them in.

The first guy went in and was asked only one question. "How deep have you worked underground?" The guy said, "Five - six feet!" The Boss said, "Get out of here, you're no miner!"

The second guy went in and was asked the same question. "How deep did you work underground?" He said, "ten to twelve feet". The Boss told him to get lost and that he was no miner. So on his way out of the office he went to talk to the third guy (his friend) and told him that if he told the Boss that he worked very deep underground, he would get the job for sure.

The third guy went in and he too was asked how deep he worked underground. He said, "Thirty five thousand feet down Sir!"
The Boss said "Wow! I never heard of anyone working that deep underground, tell me; what kind of light do you use on your helmet that far down?"

The guy said, "I wouldn't know Sir, I worked the day shift!"


the Sad thing is thewre woudl be no light fdown there that far down... LOL

Love Simon!!!