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This is a new person thread, hi I am new.

I am a Christain and well there is other stuff but most of it really doesn't matter compaired to the first point.

I was board tonight and went looking for something to do, this seemed like a good option. I am involved in two healthy (if any can be called that) local churches. Come from a Christian home and have named the name for about 13 years now.

There you have it a sum of me

oh music is a big part of what I do, God must have thought of Jubal for a moment when He was forming me (Gen 4:21)
Staff Member
Hello Theo God bless you :)

Thank you for joining our family here at TJ
:love: :computer:Hello Theophilus ! < I love music also > I am only recently born in Spirit and am looking to dedicate my music to His glory ! _ May the LORD bless you. Amen. :thumbs_up :note::sun:
hi there Welcome to TalkJesus Thank you for joining this beautiful place :love: God bless you :love:
Hi, OD here. Also new!

Been a christian 4 as long as I can remember, despite being brought up differently (it's called GRACE!)

Circumstances r a bit rough @home & I need all the fellowship I can get. Sure glad I found this place!
Great 2b here
ODonJC, Welcome to Talkjesus. We are here if you ever need to talk, cry or laugh. Though miles separate us, God's grace unite's us in spirit.
((WELCOME! Theophilus to TALK-JESUS.))

((WELCOME! Theophilus to TALK-JESUS.))

We are a spiritual home, a safe haven,
grounded in Scripture and centered in life,
where we are nurtured and challenged in our journey of faith. We welcome all people to join us in worship and prayer, and in joyful service to the community that we are here.

We invite all people to become part of our Talk-JESUS family. We are a warm and accepting community which actively welcomes newcomers, provides hospitality to visitors, seeks to help all become involved in our fellowship, and responds with Christ’s love to their pastoral needs.

We are a congregation that reaches outward into the community around us and inward into our own congregation in the name of Christ to offer assistance and/or direction to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially children in need.

Come and join us now in Christ's Warmth, Acceptance, & Caring! AMEN

In of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD.