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Thoughts on the World Vision charity

What are your thoughts on the charity World Vision? Are they christian/biblical?

If you had no money to give, would you be involved with them? Just really not sure about them...there are other similar charities but they have been going round churches lately.
ok. I used to sponsor through childfund but had to end it when I wasn't earning anymore. They just said ok but I feel a bit bad about it cos they only write if you send them money.

I remember being sent more children's cards when I was sponsoring one because people lost their jobs so they wanted others to take up the sponsorship when I could really only do one. Also they asked for money all the time and I would get overwhelmed by the amount of appeals they sent out every month. So I wonder if World Vision are the same.

I didn't really know if my sponsored child had any brothers or sisters or what the story was with the family because the letters were written through a translator just saying what they did with the money. I think it does end up just going to the village with everyone elses' sponsorship but I hope they didn't miss out or become dependent on my earnings cos I could only give regularly when I had a steady job.

Hmm seems to have gone up, when I did it Childfund was $40 a month, World Vision is $50 a month. I found out the childfund wasn't really christian, but I didn't know at the time I signed up.

I also used to donate to Bible League but found they kept asking me for money all the time too. I think you can give it's not a bad thing but they were kind of always pressing to commit over and above what you are able to give. And I was never really sure if those bibles got where they needed to go, but then I suppose it's out of your hands.

Scripture Union wanted me to fund a minister so he could work when I didn't even have a job of my own.

hmm seems like they want money but don't ask for your prayers..that is what I'm not sure about...but I do know that aid is appreciated.
From what I know of Africa is they had a plague or disease that decimated the cattle and other crops so they can't farm there but I do wonder if they are getting back on their feet after the wars or whether that just wiped out everything. If they apply permaculture principles the land could be productive and self sustaining...? It works in Australia that is half desert and goes through drought.

And also there is that verse that says if my people humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways I will heal their land.

Those lands need healing. I think if they try to apply modern industrial and agricultural practices there it will end up being a dustbowl like America. They don't have food security there either.

Found this...World Vision doesn't seem to be on it.

The Top 10 Most Amazing Christian Charities - Theology Degrees

I did volunteer for Samaritan's Purse for a while. I like that they send out people with the gospel and transparent about costs.
I think you need to be committed and earning a regular salary yourself to be able to sponsor a child. I mean most of the money would go toward school fees and healthcare but those are ongoing, many people aren't in a position to be able to care for their own children with rising costs to care for someone else's overseas as well, long term. It is sort of like being a parent. But its good that many people can. It's not the child's fault maybe they've been orphaned or affected by war, and their own governments can't do anything because they are totally corrupt.
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One approach I really like is the Participatory Evaluation Process that Tearfund supports. For me, it stands out above many other approaches in that the local church does the hard thinking, takes action and has the responsibility for ensuring it works.

This is good for two reasons 1) local people have the local knowledge and have a richer understanding of the unique needs in each place and how to address them 2) it avoids the dangers of donor dependency and builds strength, confidence and capability from within poor communities.

Participatory Evaluation Process in Uganda
Hmm interesting.

Went along to a World Vision presentation and they did pray for the children although it isnt obviously evangelistic because many of the sponsored children are already raised christians. Someone who was sponsored came and spoke about how World Vision transformed his village and provided funds so he could go to high school and university. His dad died so wasnt able to provide.

He learned english cos his sponsor was american and wanted he wanted to read his letters.

When I was sponsoring I did feel a sort if donor dependency happening but not so much for the child but the charity. But then I suppose thats what any parents would feel for their children that they cant fail to support them. Its just when you dont have money charities of course arent interested. You might have time..but no money.

I asked a workmate if he ever sponsored a child and he said he did but his child died and they didn't tell him till two years later and he was still sending them money...! It wasn't World Vision it was some catholic foundation.
So he stopped sending money and was wary with charities after that.

Some more thoughts...

World Vision seem to think there's no child poverty in New Zealand but there is. They had given out some stats saying child poverty in NZ 0% but I beg to differ. The problem is in a land of plenty there are still those that go without, and many cannot get jobs even if they have schooling. Also many here cannot afford university or higher education without a loan. So they start in life with a massive debt to pay, before they begin work.

So in many ways I think its best to give locally or to Sallies. Fostering and adopting a child or sponsoring someones education or giving a scholarship is also something you can do.

Its great that we have clean water but truth is our waterways are becoming polluted and it seems sacrilege that companies are bottling it and selling it for profit.

I do think its wonderful the work World Vision does though, especially to look after orphans. If you can commit to it and afford to give thats great..

What I do see though is such a great need around me of the Fatherless in my own community. Cant really turn a blind eye to that.

I did have a feeling that sponsorship can sometimes be abused though..the child may already have parents and they have just applied to be sponsored for extra pocket money to spend on lollies, which is what happens. I suppose im not the kind of person who wants to give hard earned money away for someone else to spend on lollies and junk food.

Theres nothing much you can do about that I suppose but rue the people that make junk food readily available so that people spend on that instead of, I dont know, real food or clothes for their children. You want to be sure they giving to the childs needs and not wasting it on cigarettes, drugs, alcohol etc. Ive heard horror stories of parents just using their children as drug mules.

But I suppose thats the same for welfare systems, people start to resent paying tax when others just live off it and dont do anything with their lives and use the money to fuel addictions. I guess thats why Jesus disliked tax collectors in his day and did his best to speak to them about not defrauding people.
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